fun future burning effigy plans

It turns out that a lawyer has been working on the appeal in the Cameron v Zaitzeff case and I, in my limited perception, believe it is overwhelming and conclusive.

That does not mean that a judge or the appeal’s court judge will agree, but such is life. Judges are human and at times wicked and careless.

When I am back in Seattle and when I have some free time on some days in the summer, I think I will be burning in effigy every day we have without rain in the months of May to August that I am in the area the following persons: Kimi Kondo, Mary Lynch, Adam Eisenberg, officer Garrett Hay and Seattle police chief Carmen Best.

I assume that most days, most people will ignore me and that is fine. If and when someone asks what I am doing burning Seattle judges, a police officer and the chief of police in effigy, I will explain their wicked conduct.

If and when God ends up agreeing that their conduct was bad and wicked and God has heard prayers from those people whose prayers he likes to pay attention to, then, perhaps, God will throw some of these practitioners of wickedness out of office.

And, in our favorite Berkeley news . . . we have some very slight mist or the ending bits of the morning light rain . . . and women just jogged by the coffee shop in shorts and sports bras! Ha, ha!

The Berkeley idea of rain is a little rain from 3 to 6 in the morning and then it clears and goes away at 6:30 or 7 or 8. Maybe there will be more of it in January!

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