funny legging marketing story

So, there are leggings and at times the creators of the leggings sell their leggings at a discount at other websites than their own website.

And there is revolve a website and revolve sells a variety of leggings and pants often at a discount.

Anyway, this one brand has a legging that it is selling on its website . . . and the photos of this particular legging, on its own website, show the model with what seems to be underwear, and the photos do not show the model from behind without her wearing a shirt or covering.

The same leggings are being marketed at and in the photos of them at the photos are done in what seems to be no underwear, showing the beginning of camel toe when viewed from the front, and with a view of the model from the behind.


Amazon sells leggings and one of the leggings sold by amazon has most of the photos with the model wearing a coat or shirt covering most of her butt.  Some people buy the leggings and write reviews saying, “This is see through . . .!”  Hmm

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