funny stories and praying!

So there is a church in Campbell, California which I visited in December 2019 and January 2020. Due to their having contact cards with a space for prayer requests I began to regularly write prayer requests for some of the people in the church. And, as time went on, I also sent some forms of the prayer request lists to an email listing of some of the people in the church.

So the prayer requests began to be shared with a number of guys but many of these guys were simply members rather than the leadership of the church itself.

And after requesting prayer at times times for myself and for my mom and for relatives . . . I began to include women and girls who were being fun or pretty out in public or who had smiled at me or said hi or other simple things such as that.

And the people of the email group were mostly happy to be praying for me and either were happy or they tolerated my requesting prayer for women and girls . . .

And a lot of my prayer requests were chiefly for women and girls being pretty, and once in a while for a guy who had obvious health problems or who had bad or harmful mental disturbances.

Anyway, on Monday of last week or so, I was in downtown Davis while simply walking and browsing. A guy is near the sign area of the downtown Davis park and he initiates conversation with me to tell me about some of his recent afflictions and negative encounters with the local police.

His wife or gf has died and he recently made a memorial with a “Pentagram,” ha, ha, and then put this sign he made up in some public park.

And he wished to tell me about his sign getting vandalized, about his neighbors complaining and some questionable conduct of the local police in re the sign.

Maybe he talks to lots of people or maybe he talks to people who smile and are cheerful, as one might believe I am.

So, my fearless friends of the church in Campbell gets dozens and hundreds of prayer requests for me to pray for women in shorts that God bless and protect them and girls in shorts that God bless and protect them, and that God bless a woman or a girl who smiled or who was cheerful or happy or having fun.

And, they get to pray for Matthew who has put his Pentagram and memorial in a public park in Davis, California. Oh, just to be clear, while Matthew says that he is *not* a member of the church of Satan, he *is* a supporter.

At times when I see him I pray also for him that God bless him. I *think* Matthew has made fewer strange hand-gestures that could be mistaken for a Satanic greeting since them. He has also said he wishes to know more about me, though I am not in a position to help him much, I think.

At the local homeless aid center of Davis there is staff and there are volunteers on some days. The volunteers are often persons who are getting some degree in nursing or public health or medecine, etc, but who are not yet finished and licensed as such.

There is the gal Sarah who is at times one of the volunteers. On one of the first days that she and I and a few others were talking, I talked about the vaccine news, and said, If we wished, we can pray that God help and guide the researchers working on the vaccines.

Sarah says, “If I prayed, that is certainly something I would be praying for!”

She may have said, “If I prayed, that is one of the first things I would be praying for,” or something similar.

There is a group of friendly police officers in the Seattle and surrounding areas and there are some journalists who know me, at least a little.

It is rumored that there is an occasional person who wonders about my mental stability and, in some recent court case, the judge ordered, as part of my “sentence” for the offense of wearing a sword in public, to have a mental health evaluation! : ) : ) ) )

If I prayed, then, certainly, I would also be praying for the judge . . .

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying a new Ava Max music video. This one is Kings and Queens.

I do not recall having requested prayer for Ava Max, but I might do so, but I do not know how that may be received, by the guys from my friendly local church!

Of course, I have been sure to enjoy and pray for the well being of the Haschak sisters!

So . . . there is Matthew the Satanism supporter and I just CANNOT imagine how my friends might be praying. There is also Sarah, the public health student, who might pray for a cure or help, IF she prayed.

So, the question is, since the Haschak sisters at times sing Bible ideas, though it is maybe only 10% of the time, but presumably they are Christian or have a Bible background, is it easier to pray for the sisters than to pray for Ava Max or the gals of Girls Generation?

I . . . do . . . not . . . know!

God bless and help Ava Max, if God can and it is not inconsistent with God’s character to do so! God help Matthew and God help Sarah!

I have an acquaintance in Seattle who seems to be a bit deranged and his derangement veers in wickedness. God show him the right way or God break his arm!

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