Galatians 6:7 and 4 recent sexual attacks in the Seattle area

So, supposedly there have been about 4 sexual assaults of some type, including one rape by violence and another rape by knife, and 2 serious half-abductions, in the last few weeks in the greater Seattle area. Supposedly two of these have been near Greenlake and supposedly one in Lynnwood and one in Monroe.

Now, the first or 2nd time that someone grabs you or hits you without your knowledge and consent you will probably be shaken up and not thinking very clearly.

However, lets ask a question about these 4 sexual attacks in the news in the last 4 weeks.

Shall we guess that none of the women were wearing pepper spray or any tactical or folding pocket knife?

Shall we guess that even if they had had pepper spray it would not have been wisely and properly used and also it was not a priority for at least some people?

Now, remember, having pepper spray is just fine . . . just don’t use it until the guy has hit you first. Right? That is the instruction of Seattle police . . . ha, ha, ha . . . or so some would suppose at times. No?

So, if you must wait for the guy to hit you first . . . then . . . the pepper spray will work great or your knife will work great and the police who arrive will not be arresting you. Or, of course, maybe they will anyway since SPD had arrested and charged at least one guy for use of a knife in self-defense . . .

Right? Hm. . .

And, oh, above all, don’t be carrying a tactical knife . . . “we” don’t use knives here in Seattle as weapons and that includes for self-defense, unless you are an imaginative police officer, a former officer or you did not grow up past West Side Story and Happy Days.

And, did one of these women, while brandishing or using a knife or pepper spray against a sexual attacker, happen to get his photo or a good description? A woman while running or out for a walk might still have had her cell phone with her . . . Hm . . . No?

There seem to be no photos of the guy or guys taken by the women or bystanders. No?

There also seem to be none of these guys temporarily incapacitated and ready for transport to jail. None?

The recent result of attacks, on women lacking or not deploying a knife or pepper spray, is . . .
2 women groped and shaken and released at Greenlake;
1 woman presumably raped at Meadowdale in Lynnwood by a guy with a knife;
1 woman presumably raped by surprise attack in the head at Al Borlin Park in Monroe;
and all suspects either unknown or, seemingly, currently on the loose.

All suspects reportedly on the loose the last we know; no suspects having been photographed or incapacitated. . .

And, you, as police and journalists or a school board person like those results? I think you can do better.

Rather than Pete Holmes and highly trained and well paid officers Hay and Keller telling women that they cannot use pepper spray on a guy unless he has grabbed or struck her first, Hay, Keller, Carmen Best and Pete Holmes should be encouraging all of the women who walk or run to carry and appropriately use basic weapons.

Do SPD officers do that?

Does SPD have a page that does that?

Does the Seattle city attorney do that?

2 of the four women raped and 2 of the 4 wondering if they or she needs to avoid Greenlake cause it is too dangerous at about 7 in the morning . . . all suspects at large or unknown, free to attack again.

Now, Kirby Wilbur has a gun and he trains with his gun at the range and so, I am going to guess that Kirby does not like those results. Kirby probably thinks we can do better, but what does Kirby know?

Kirby would prefer that the suspect be held, stopped or incapacitated. If the suspected is held, stopped or incapacitated then that reduces the risk that the suspect does it again next week . . . but why would a woman runner care?

Excellent results, right?

Now, why is a guy, about to attack a woman running by or walking by, not afraid? Apparently the dumb-dumbs do not believe in God or in women with weapons on their run or going for a walk.

So, some bored journalist on some day with not a lot of work to do can, maybe, hypothetically, call the police and find out if he or they or someone can use a knife or spray to defend themselves and when . . .

I hear it is a really difficult and complex subject and like a very bad minefield and people just get themselves sent to jail all the time for self-defense . . . or maybe that only really happens in New York . . .

Back in the 1980s, when some were selling tear gas as a protective agent, a TV show got together with the Ventura county sheriff’s department to do a study. They found 12 local women with tear gas and training and a license to carry tear gas.

They set up some simple practice parking lot with innocent characters and a bad guy. They asked the women to get to their cars safely without being abducted or having their purse or other items stolen and told them someone would be attacking or grabbing. Each woman had 4 iterations . . . each slightly different.

The woman were walking with the tear gas canister in hand and the safety off.

How many of the 48 grabbings or snatchings did the women stop?

Zero, though reportedly a few women did manage to deploy the tear gas briefly and it had little or no effect in stopping the guy.

Shall I pray that sexual attacks on women without knives or pepper spray repeatedly appear in the local news?

Now, I am not sure that is quite how Jesus does things, though, the Bible does say,

7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

At least for now, I will guess that Jesus will prefer that I not root for the sexual attackers near or in parks.

But, if you guys want to tell people to not use pepper spray in self-defense ~~. . . Oh, boy, that’s great; what a great idea!~~. . .
I think some of you are reaping what you sow.

Now, in light of the repeat, ongoing and unsolved sexual attacks, do any SPD guys get on the news and advocate that women carry a knife or pepper spray?


From what we know from SPD, women, on a walk or run, should go out defenseless and without weapons; right?

Does spd put up a little page on their website about safety tips for those on a walk or run?

Do those safety tips currently include wearing weapons or will the hypothetical safety tips for persons on a walk include wearing weapons?

SPD has safety tips for kids, but who would think that an adult person would need some safety tips?

No adults would really need safety insturction; correct, O all wise SPD?

No adults would need weapons; correct, O all wise SPD?

God show Hay, Keller, Holmes and Seattle the right way!

Now, I could call up either Kirby’s radio show or Lars and his radio show, and offer to discuss what some women might do to reduce these attacks, but . . . my lawyer has a thing, “this thing” about my discussing the topic on the radio . . .

My lawyer has “a thing” about a lot of things . . . He is calmer now than 2 months ago, but he still has a thing about my talking to police and the media on this topic . . .

God show Seattle the right way!!

God show Hay, Keller, Holmes and Seattle the right way in whatever way is best!!!

and, if it matters for you guys, another person yesterday clicked on the button indicating prayer . . . probably prayer that God show show Hay, Keller and Holmes the right way . . .

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