girls in schools, rapes and self-defense

To Lori Green,

I would like your help publicizing what I perceive to be a problem.

I live in the greater Seattle area and recently one of the local high school was the site of between 1 and 7 rapes.

I wrote to two of the local school administrators about their student manual which condemns and forbids violence and fighting of all kinds to obtain clarification about self-defense. Neither of them would respond to me.

It appears that the girls who were raped engaged in minor resistance by crying slightly and saying no repeatedly. I believe that the girls, and for that matter, the boys who are being bullied, should be instructed that at times they have the right to fight back and given instruction as to how to fight back.

In the cases of the several girls raped at the local Mountlake Terrace high school or nearby, if any single one of them had scratched the guy’s face before or during the attack, an act as simple as that would have established that the rape was rape.

I believe 1) that girls should be instructed that it is ok and good at times to fight back at their choice; 2) that doing so will make it easier to stop the guy from raping others; 3) given ideas and instruction in fighting back; 4) that school student manuals need to be clarified to explicitly permit and encourage self-defense; 5) that schools should frequently have as part of their PE classes self-defense or martial arts instruction.

Kelly Herron in Seattle was recently attacked by a man apparently seeking to rape her. She had recently taken a very basic self-defense class and she was encouraged and fought the guy for several minutes and then was able to get away.

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