God and the messages alleged to be from God

Sometimes when I pray, I ask God, “God, do you give messages to people to give to me that you know will not come to pass?”

If we believe one of the messages that a woman gave to me supposedly from God, God intended or desired that I minister for him in some way.  I was born to parents who did not know God and in a neighborhood of people who did not know God.

I apparently did not pray enough or in the right way or I did not repent enough or in the right way or obey God enough or in the right way and so God helped me but very little in comparison with others.  If God helped me by throwing me a few pennies and God gave to other people tens and twenties and fifties and hundreds, why would God have been thinking of me ministering for him?

If God had been thinking of me ministering for him, it appears that he did not plan ahead very well.  On one hand, God looks to me like he is dumb but on the other hand, I assume we are supposed to assume that God is not dumb.

There were six people who gave me what they said were messages from God to give to me, or, there were five such people and one person who said she felt strongly in the spirit that, whatever.

And these people with the messages they gave to me and which they alleged to be from God seem to have all been badly wrong, even though some of them seemed to have had some bit of supernatural knowledge.

So, how do we account for what seems to have been instances of supernatural knowledge mixed with messages that, for the most part, to me, seem to have been really, really wrong?

Paul says that we are to not despise prophesying.  But if you receive several messages, alleged to be from God, and they are, for the most part wrong, and since God did not or does not seem to provide me with any mechanism to distinguish between messages from God and messages not from God that would have or would allow me to distinguish between any of the six messages which are or were from God and those which were not, why are you or I supposed to pay attention to prophecies?  Or, do we pay attention to those prophecies which God confirms by miracles such as in Judges 6 and no others?



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