God and the NDE of Peter Anthony

I recently watched the near death experience (NDE) of Peter Anthony on youtube.  In that NDE, Peter sees good and bad that humans do, as well as dumb things in terms of giving people power in the government who will abuse it and hurt society.  Anthony says that he also see various possible acts  of kindness and goodness done by various persons such as teachers and police and others.

Around this time, apparently, God or the universe or someone or something asks Peter if he would like to go back.  Peter says that he saw some of his future life.  He says that he saw himself speaking to various people, writing a book or several books and, I think, contributing to the world or society.  He says that he also saw his own two year recovery and his suicide attempt and perhaps other grief which he does not seem to specify.

Based on the things that he sees, and presumably based on his opportunity to make the world and society better, he chooses to go back to life.

The story of Peter Anthony is somewhat similar to the story of one of the women’s stories in the book By the light.  A woman who is temporarily dead sees her life and future joys and sorrows and decides if she should come back to life or not.  However, seeing her future joys and sorrows is not enough and she must also see her dog Toofer and she comes back to life to see or help her dog continue to live and have fun.

My question is this.  I have had a number of persons give me messages that they said were messages from God to me or for me.  And, it seems that a lot of these messages have not come to pass or even been close to coming to pass, or it seems that it was quite unreasonable that they come to pass, given all the factors present at the time the messages were given, given my life, training, my beliefs and personality and my praying or lack of praying or, in the alternatively, my praying for things in not the right way or not praying for the right things or things that God had an interest in doing.

So, if and when God or a person were to be showing me what he or she or it was claiming would be my future life, I’d like to ask some questions.  The questions are:

Is this future life you are showing me certain or is it merely one of many possibilities?

If it is one of many possibilities, is it dependent on my making choices in various ways and on my personality, beliefs, prayer and lack of prayer or lack of praying in the right way or for things God would have an interest in doing?

If it is one of many possibilities, what are the odds that this life will come to pass?  One in one hundred or one in several thousand or one in several million?

If the odds are 1 in 100, why should I pay any attention to such a life as you are showing me?

Do the benefits of this fairly unlikely life or highly unlikely life justify the costs of living, given that I am likely to harm others in some ways and/or sin and irritate God?

So, why should I bother trying to live a life that you now admit seems very, very unlikely and/or of doubtful profitability?

Or, if the life you are showing me is certain, then, what guarantee do I have?  What miracles, if any, do you wish to show me or do for me, as a guarantee or down payment on the benefits to be reaped of this life?

Forgive me for doubting that the life you are showing me is likely to take place, but in fact, given the ongoing promises that various people make to me on God’s behalf which do not come to pass, or which seem to not come to pass, why should I believe that this life is certain rather than a remote and unlikely possibility . . . a hypothetical situation much like my beating Kasparov in chess?

What if I were to believe that the more likely scenario is that I have a life that is boring and disappointing and which includes harm done to others and for which I cannot see the point?  Is that a possibility or is that certain to not take place?

Is God like a god who visited Sarah and Abraham and said that the two of them would have a child, and then, when Sarah heard it and laughed, God says, “Oh, you have laughed and I am calling off the promise of the child!”  According to the story, Sarah was past the time of having kids, and she laughed or doubted or disbelieved God, and yet, the thing was done anyway.

Yet, in my life, God promises things to me, or people make statements, promises or predictions to me on God’s behalf, and I have learned enough to doubt or disbelieve them, and perhaps because I have learned enough to know that such promises do not come to pass, or perhaps for other reasons, they do not or, at least, it seems that they do not.

So, if God wishes to make promises to people, would God be better off making them to Sarah and Abraham, or to Demi Lovato rather than myself?  Why would God or people speaking on God’s behalf make promises to me that will not come to pass, leaving me to write posts at greenlakewalking about what seems to be the unreliability of promises, statements and prophecies made to me or others by persons who claim to be speaking on God’s behalf?

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