God, Bellingham and careless inattention in the news

Yesterday there were 2 stories in the news at komonews to which my reaction was that the problem would likely be ameliorated or solved by people being more aware and/or taking photos, and for that matter, if needed wearing a knife or pepper spray. About wearing weapons, tis necessary in at least some instances if you are going feel safe while taking the photo of a guy who is engaged in serious criminal conduct above jaywalking.

Basically, if you have no weapons with you, then, you will take fewer photos of persons engaging in criminal conduct in your vicinity. So, if you wish to take a photo of a car prowler, an exposer or a malicious tack-distributor or of the guy going around cutting the brakes on Seattle rental bikes, then, it is going to help to have some weapons around, because, with no weapons, even the slightest intimidation puts a stop to taking a photo of active criminal.

So, when I read about the Bellingham PD wanting help . . . whatever help someone can provide . . . to put a stop to the exposer of young women in the college district . . .

I’d wonder if the help is to provide a dozen of the women over there with pepper spray, some knives and some katanas.

Cause, I assume, that few or none of the Bellingham young women of college age are responding to the guy by taking his photo . . . and if “you” wish or need to take his photo, and you might otherwise be intimidated by him while doing so, then, having a steak or butcher knife or some of the tactical knives or a katana is just the thing to prevent a large number of attacks.

One story currently in the news is the story of the Bellingham voyeur and exposer and the other is the lime bike or rental bike sabotage.

Now, the local Seattle news media has in fact had a few stories on similar situations a few times in the past 6 years.

One was a situation of an ongoing, repeated exposer in the U-district of Seattle. There was also a story about some guy or guys alleged to be putting tacks on Burke Gilman trail or other areas.

A bicyclist rides over and his tires get punctured.

All these four situations are ones that seem to be or to have been of a repeat nature by a person or persons acting quickly and semi-covertly. They do what they do when others are not noticing very well, and a lot of people out in public do not pay attention very much to their surroundings.

I have no idea if Seattle has tracked down the malicious tack distributor or if Seattle caught the repeat exposure of the u-district.

In fact, if SPD has not yet caught the tack distributor, then, I’d wonder if the malicious tack distributor and the brake line guy are related or the same. Does Seattle really have 2 psychopaths whose pleasure is found in injury and destruction?

Several years ago, and before the city of Seattle decided to bring its idea of criminal charges, I prayed that God or the SPD would get ahold of the malicious tack distributor going around destroying bicycle tires. Maybe the malicious-tack-distributor has graduated to brake line cutting. Very bad.

I have no idea which of you have some belief in God or what that belief might be. Over in Bible-believing land, you would find that persons and groups believe that God at times creates signs or meaningful coincidences.

Different groups of Jews and different groups of Christians and churches have disagreements over whether and how often God arranges such signs and coincidences.

If you are a Jew who has been to the synagogue or a Christian who knows the Bible well, you probably remember the story of Abraham’s servant and Rebekah. The story is told in Genesis 24. The servant is supposed to go to another land and seek a wife for Isaac and the servant prays and he gives God a kind of test or condition, by which he might know if Rebekah is the one for Isaac. And God arranges things so that the condition is met and then Rebekah goes to be the wife of Isaac.

I guess I could call up one of my minister friends in the church of Christ and find out to what degree he believes God uses signs or coincidence to communicate or lead people. The churches of Christ are more conservative on this topic than some others.

Anyway, if and when you study theology in general or christian theology, then, one question to be studied is how and when God communicates with men . . . or, if God does so, at all, in comparison to the Bible only. Some churches and persons believe that God’s independent communication with man does not take place at all, or, very little. Others believe it happens somewhat frequently.

Among those who believe that God does extra-biblical communication, then, there is dispute over the means God uses.

In any case, it seems to me as if the previous instances of these kinds of stories is relatively rare, perhaps once a year or slightly more or less.

How many and how often can a guy go around repeatedly doing rude exposing by windows or doors of places in a u-district?

I don’t know, but I don’t read of it every month. Is it once a year or more or less?

Anyway, for what it is worth, on 09/12/18, we had 2 stories. I only notice a few stories per year in which my reaction is, “Go get his photo.” Of course, maybe it is tough to notice things like brake line clipping while walking at night. The guy in Bellingham is trying to get noticed, but not so strongly noticed as to be taken away.

In fact, of the women in Bellingham . . . a guy could show up at a porch or window and have 2 or 3 women come out of the house with cameras and knives.

Unless the guy has a passion for arson, I don’t believe he would aim to revisit that house next week or next month.

Anyway, when I walk, I pay attention and notice things . . . I assume that the police do so also, and that 90% of the general public do not notice much.

And if you wish to reduce your crime problems, then, inculcate in the public a higher level of awareness and observation . . . If you get lucky, then, some guy or gal will have photos of the guy and his car and other things.

When you see something out of ordinary, pay attention. When you see something out of ordinary and perhaps malicious, observe and photograph if possible.

That would cut down on the crime problem of the repeat u-district exposers and bike vandals, would it not?!

If ordinary people were a bit more aware of their surroundings, the u-district exposers and the bike vandals would be spotted and stopped more quickly!

And the next time that Bellingham PD goes out on call about the porch and window voyeur, ask the women what weapons they would like to have and that might help them to feel safer . . .

If 3 dozen women in Bellingham have knives and cameras, the guy may move or spend more time on the Net!

Or, don’t take my word for it . . . instead get the women to be safe by closing their drapes . . . like Bellingham PD recommends . . .

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