God get ahold of the Bellevue grabber

I was reading komonews this morning and it is being reported that a man grabbed a girl in a Bellevue Park on Friday.

Sometimes when I read news of dumb deeds in Seattle I pray for persons grabbed that God comfort them and give them peace and/or for the dumb-dumbs that God or the police get ahold of them.

If it helps, I pray that God give peace and wisdom to the girl of Bellevue, and that God or your officers or those of another city get ahold of the dumb-dumb or evil-doer. I am not sure what is the best word for the guy. Perhaps idiot and evil-doer.

I could conceivably pray for a lot of different of the criminals and the victims, but my energy and willingness is limited. But there are 1 in 300 women or girls who have a concern re me at Greenlake, and I slightly make things up to them by praying for those afflicted in the news.

I don’t know if my praying has helped much. At one point I at times would pray for Seattle police to be in the right place at the right time, and a few or several weeks later, there was a story in komonews about a SPD officer having a hunch about going to a certain pawn shop to see about certain stolen property and the guy encountered the thief at the shop, if I recall correctly.

That encouraged me to at times continue to pray for the SPD to be in a good place at the right time. I do not always remember. I tried to pray in that way because in 2014 some of the spd officers did not like responding to a call to check on me when it would turn out that the response was unnecessary.

At some Bellevue parade or event, I will perhaps see you with my katana!

God help the Bellevue girl grabbed on Friday! God or the police nab the Bellevue grabber! God help the Bellevue and Mercer Island and Seattle police to be in the right place at the right time to stop evil-doers! God help them to make wise enough decisions to be safe and not be injured when it is preventable!

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