God plays a joke on me and maybe answers a question of mine!

As of last night I began to wonder if some girls and some women act in ways that draw my attention to them, so that, as a result, I will pray for them or encourage others to pray for them. I don’t remember if I asked God this question or if I simply thought about it.

The question was in my mind after being a Starbucks in Rancho Cordova around 7 at night and there was a teen girl kid with her mom. The teen girl began a little bit of dancing and some arm raising and twirling above her head. The mom did not stop the kid but I think the mom may not have known what to make of this and the mom shook her head. I was looking over and I smiled and then I think the mom and I both smiled or laughed.

Who knows what dancing the daughter does and why she began to dance a little in the middle of the Starbucks?!

Anyway, I began to wonder if girls and women at times flirt in the sense of attracting my attention so that I will pray for them or be asking others to pray for them!

This Saturday evening I was in Berkeley and not in Santa Clara. I was at a pizza place with a long line outside the entrance to the pizza place. I was sitting in a chair and at that instant, I was not interacting with anyone or seeking interaction with others. I was about 5 feet away from the line, though it may have been six feet.

A man steps out of the line and towards me and comes about half way. We begin a conversation. His accent suggested he was not born in the US and I asked about that. At first he said he was from the earth, and I shared where I had lived and what languages I knew and then he said he was from Afghanistan!

We talked about God and prayer and Trump and a few other things. I then did some errands and went to the Berkeley Espresso. Just after I ordered, he and his family also entered and we greeted each other again!

Anyway, at times I pray and I ask others to pray for girls and women just cause I like being nice to them. In this case we have an observant, faithful, believing committed Muslim named Mohammed who stepped out of the pizza line to start of conversation with me, for no known reason!

God bless and help Mohammed! God bless and help his wife and daughter and son!

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