God seems to have a lot of conditions . . .

From time to time from 1996 to 2010 there were six or seven people, each of whom, in various slightly different ways, said that God had a message they were to give to me. Generally the message was of some good or nice thing that God would do or that God and I might do or would do together.

Among the alleged nice things God was going to do for me was that he was going to provide, presumably for some wonderful ministry to which he had called me.

It currently appears as if all or most of these promises or prophecies have not been fulfilled or even close, or if they were, the meaning of them was not at all clear from the start. If you read the Bible, you would know that the synoptics and especially the gospel of John claim that at times people at times misunderstand Jesus, cause they take him literally. One may suppose that God at times may tell us things that we might similarly misunderstand.

So we do not always know which prophecies are out of the picture completely or just wrongly understood!

Anyway, one of my prophecy or message delivering friends says that the reason the various messages, prophecies and promises did not come to pass in my life is that I did not put much if any effort into seeing them fulfilled or something similar to that.

Anyway, at times when I am in bed and not asleep I pray and I ask God about this theory. At times I also ask why God does not say much to me, assuming he says anything at all! And I let God know that I can count approximately 21 ways in which, maybe, allegedly, I did not do enough with the supposed effect that God would accomplish his promises.

Here is my list: 1) not read the Bible enough; 2) not read the Bible in the right way; 3) not believed the Bible enough; 4) not believed the Bible in the right way; 5) not pray enough; 6) not pray in the right way; 7) not pray in tongues enough; 8) not pray in tongues in the right way; 9) not listen to God enough; 10) not listen to God in the right way; 11) not repent enough; 12) not repent in the right way; 13) not confess sins enough; 14) not confess sins in the right way; 15) not get caned and whipped enough; 16) not having gotten caned or whipped in the right way; 17) not having gone to Bible college enough; 18) not having gone to the right Bible college or studied in the right way; 19) not cut off enough body parts as Jesus in the gospel of Mark recommends; 20) not cut off body parts in the right way; 21) not having been baptized in the right way; 22) not tell the truth enough; 23) not tell the truth in the right way . . .

Please note that there are actually even more ways I might not have done enough or in the right way!

In case you have been missing out on your regular Bible reading, you might have forgotten that Jesus recommends that some people cut off their hand or their foot, as found Mark 9:45 and thereabouts.

So, although I do get caned and whipped, some, I am apparently pretty slow, cause I still have both my hands and both feet.

Of course, maybe God wishes to suggest that I not watch Ava Max, Mabel, Becky G and Selena Gomez music videos . . . and that might be #24!

It seems that there is God and my dentist and at least one of them is claiming that more than one thing needs to be done . . . I think that with my dentist the number of recommended things is fewer than 30!

Anyway, my other question for God is why a person should pay attention to the alleged messages from God, as the Bible seems to say we are supposed to do, when the rate of fulfillment seems to be worse than 25%. For some people who receive messages the rate of fulfillment seems to be worse than 20% or 10% . . .

Forgive me if God seems a bit funny or I am a bit bewildered by his ideas!

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