God, the Rand Paul assault and sentencing

A member of Congress is in the news for making favorable references to the guy who assaulted Rand Paul. The attack on Rand Paul was in the news some time ago and apparently it is being reported that it was not politics per se that caused the assault, but a dispute over lawn debris or clippings or refuse.

Anyway, some guy came and attacked Rand Paul and fractured about six ribs and bruised Rand’s lungs. He then pled guilty to assault and was sentenced to . . . one month in prison or jail and some hours of service and a $10k fine.

Now I do not really know enough to know if any given sentence is too light or too heavy. I also do not know to what degree being in jail or prison leads people to repent and reconsider their bad ways, or if it is done for public safety or to satisfy an outraged sense of justice, etc.

I do know that I can compare my sentence with a guy who broke the jaw of another man for feeling the butt of his wife at a party and now we have another sentence for comparison.

The confinement part of our sentences are the same. This man fractured the ribs of a peaceful medical doctor and Congressman and bruised lungs and his prison time is a month and I used pepper spray on a bully who was threatening me and my jail time was a month.

I pray that God show Adam Eisenberg the judge the right way. At times I think of Cameron and the trials and I pray for six persons and Eisenberg is one of them.

Of course, not being infallible or all-knowing, I could suppose that God thinks my conduct was bad and will ignore my prayers . . . or that my conduct was right and God will ignore my prayers for the foreseeable future anyway!

Jesus in the gospels is quoted as saying, “Do not judge.” Matthew 7:1. Of course, it seems as if society needs to have judges, though a Christian writer by the name of Cecil John Cadoux believed that Christians should be pacifist and also, the instruction to not judge was to be taken literally as meaning, Do not serve as a judge and hand out punishments.

How would God handle sentencing decisions? That is something I do not know!

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