google analytics information and possible first grade behavior

When I was first out of jail and had not been posting for several weeks, the number of pageviews on my site was about 50 a day.

After starting to post again, including on justice administration type topics, the page views seem to be at about 100 a day, and that includes a day of posting some photos of a woman friend going topless at Madison or on the waterfront of Seattle!

My highest in the last month or so seems to have been yesterday, Wednesday, July 24 at about 300, up from another recent high of 200 several days earlier.

I am not sure if that has a meaning re the post or posts of July 24th or not.

Did people have some interest in verifying that a 1st or 2nd grader or whatever age the kid is spent a fraction of a second having turned his head to view the bare–nearly bare–behind of an attractive sunbather?

Some of the people who visit end up wanting to learn about the clothing optional beach or see photos; some read about justice administration in a case such as Calderon or zaitzeff.

The two women of Madison of July 24th do seem quite attractive, perhaps that is what drew people to visit!

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