Greetings and prayer requests for Erin! 12/16/19

E, I hope I have remembered your name correctly! I know it began with an “E” and I was thinking it was something like Evie but I see that when I sent you the story of our visit a few weeks ago, that I seem to have sent it to E C!

It was very, very nice of you to have been remembering me in prayer and to have remembered to be praying and caring about my health concern! Thank you! God bless you!

Yesterday at church one of the new fellows I met and I were talking about prayer requests and I was thinking of sharing some with him. He suggested that I email them to him, which I did later that day. I used the same list for him as I had given to the elders of the church who collect these prayer request and greeting cards and pray for many people every Sunday afternoon. One of the elders I saw yesterday had a stack of what seemed to be 25 or more such cards. There are 11 elders over at the Campbell church and so it may be that a number of people each Sunday find ways to request prayer!

I wrote for the elders a list of 13 prayer requests. I wish to expand the list to 15 and also make some helpful comments by way of introduction, since I am a very unusual character.

Some of my prayer requests are for women or girls who I thought were nice, pretty, fun, interesting, revealing, who had a nice smile, who flirted with me in some way or merely waved or were nice.

Presumably this is not particularly normal for the average Christian guy sharing prayer requests or even the somewhat average praying person sharing prayer requests. The problem, if there be a problem, is that God has not indicated to me to not be praying for the nice and fun girls and women, but rather to also expand the groups for which I pray. At least, if God was nudging me and if I understood the nudging correctly, that is what God has suggested! I hope it is not unsettling!

Some people dislike the fact that I pay attention to and notice women and girls who are pretty, fun, flirting, revealing or merely nice and smiling.

I pray for them as a way of being nice to them. I had two weird experiences to note on the topic.

One, it seems that God gently nudged me to include praying for people who are sick and afflicted this summer so that I pray from time to time for a broader group than pretty, smiling and flirting girls and women.

In this unusual circumstance I asked God if it mattered and if he wished or wanted me to also be praying for the sick and afflicted. I was in the Mercer Island McDonalds at the time and in a fraction of a second, a guy with a limp came around the corner, then in front of me, to order food. I had no idea that he was there was I prayed.

It does not normally happen to me that I pray and in less than 3 seconds a person who is sick or afflicted pops up in front of me. So, since that time I have tried to also pray for the sick and afflicted people I see in about the same way as I pray for girls and women who are pretty and fun.

Also, because it is a very unusual type of prayer request, and because my noticing girls and women who are pretty and fun is at times socially disapproved, at times I prayed and asked God if it mattered and actually helped the girls and women for whom I prayed.

I did this one evening and the next day I was in Berkeley across the street from a dance studio. A mom was there with two kids and one was in her dancing outfit from class at the dance studio.

I noticed, appreciated and prayed for the kid. Then the mom got up and began to walk away with her two kids. The mom had left behind on the bench a package or bag. Neither the mom nor the other people on the bench or the nearby chairs realized that she was leaving behind her package or bag.

I was aware of the bag or package being left behind almost from the first instant. As the mom and kids were ten to 15 feet away, I gently raised my voice to alert the mom to her missing bag or package.

Since that time I have bothered or asked God much less frequently if it actually helps these girls and women when I pray for them. I prayed to know if I was making a difference and I got to help a mom who seemed to not have a lot of extra funds not miss her package.

So, I pray for women and girls who are interesting, fun, smile or wave. The best or other thing that God does or can do, it seems, is to also encourage me to pray for the sick and afflicted. I also, of course, pray for men and boys who are nice to me. It just happens somewhat less frequently and a little less quickly!

Here are some of my leading prayer requests at this time. These include praying for seven girls and 5 women. One of the women is the atheist of Berkeley and she is elderly and frail and feeble.

We do not know where the girls are spiritually other than that they were nice to me!

Two of the women seem to be without God and cane people for fun and profit! Their occupation is not one that many of the Christians at church would tend to choose.

The cheerleader of Berkeley on Saturday flashed the people on the sidewalk by the pizza place during lunchtime. The flashing was obvious to people on the sidewalk but done so gently there is no telling if it was intentional or not. She might be with God or without God. There is a different woman who is the atheist of Berkeley and so I know that there are atheists in Berkeley.

If you dislike the idea of praying for women and girls who have been pretty, interesting or fun or nice to me, that is ok, though I will feel badly that they might miss out! Also, we do not know the spiritual state of some of them and so you and others may choose to care about that. Even apart from praying for girls and women who have been nice to me or revealing or flirting or what-have-you, there is “the atheist of Berkeley,” and there is Miss Li and Miss Khan. I dislike the idea of any of my friends going to hell or not knowing God.

If I do not know someone’s spiritual state, I tend to hope and pray for the best and trust God to figure things out . . .

My prayer requests are as follows:

1) that God bless Gray, Jocelyn and their son; Gray and Jocelyn are Christian and are friends from church;

2) that God help me make more money so I can give more to good and worthy causes;

3) that God bless the cheerleader of Berkeley; of unknown spiritual state

4) that God bless and/or help Miss Li; who seems to be without God

5) that God bless and/or help Miss Khan; who seems to be without God

6) that God bless Isabella; who is a Christian and of the church I am visiting

7) that God bless the Featherette with the very nice smile; of unknown spiritual state

8) that God bless the girl in pink; of unknown spiritual state

9) that God bless the girl in blue; of unknown spiritual state

10 that God bless the girl who waved to me on Friday a week ago; of unknown spiritual state

11) that God help those suffering in North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia;

12) that God show the leaders of North Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia the right way; who seem to be without God or Jesus;

13) that God bless and help the Monta Vista dance team; who are of unknown spiritual state but who had a dance show that included gospel singing on Friday;

14) that God bless and help the atheist of Berkeley; who is elderly and feeble and without God;

15) that God bless and help the 3 girls raising money at Berkeley for the 8th grade class trip; of unknown spiritual state.

Note that the dance team members and the cheerleader of Berkeley are of unknown spiritual condition and that Miss Li and Miss Kahn seem currently to be without God and *may* need some help with their spiritual lives. Ha, ha. You never know if God laughs about that or if he is in pain due to a lack of prayer or if God is indifferent. The Bible says that angels rejoice when people turn to God. I have two friends, Li and Khan, who are a bit more naughty than most and so God may have more work to do, if God wishes to help. That is up to Him, of course. Maybe God likes our praying for Li and Khan!

I tend to hope and pray that anyone who is nice to me or pretty and fun would not die without God or go to hell or be in trouble spiritually!

Thank you and God bless you!

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