Greetings Cultish

I am David Zaitzeff and I have been in Berkeley, California on and off since September 2019.

If you have been to Berkeley you may know that there seems to be a lack of outreach, Christian fellowship and Christian evangelical churches, though there are 2 Presbyterian churches which are evangelical, from what I understand.

The local AofG has recently lost the pastor. It is the size of a house and has a sign on it that says “New Light Church.” Ha, ha. I kid you not.

The city of Berkeley has a building that is fenced off and that is broken down. It says Your tax dollars at work and it is to be some mental health center.

We have several Buddhist temples and a Hare Krishna group and no Church of Christ. We have several synagogues, one Jewish Comm Center and the JWs and the LDS.

Anyway, a few days ago I was doing outside in public work and I met a woman who has a bright and cheerful smile and we chatted some about God and her walk with God. I asked if and where she went to church.

She is now attending at the Hillsong location in San Francisco.

She appears to be a wonderful and caring Christian, but I have my doubts about the music, since I seem to be a bit more conservative than what they play in Hillsong, apparently.

Anyway, I went trying to find information re Hillsong and that led me to your recent show with Lindsay on the topic of Bethel.

I have friends who have gone and I think they still at times attend at Bethel when they can.

It is not usually my calling at this time to guide other Christians in or out of error . . . I will probably visit the Hillsong place, in the next few weeks, but may also bring along a book to read, especially for if their music is intolerable.

Oh, also, I met a gal named Stephanie who asked questions about walking with God and my walk with God and who prayed before we separated. She was raised Buddhist and has been without God for many years, at least up till this last Monday.

If you like praying for people, especially those who have not been walking with God or are lost or seeking, and if you wish, consider praying for Stephanie.

If you wish, I will bring you a report if I make it to the Hillsong place and they do not ask me to leave!

I actually like the music by the Gettys.

Though, I and others pray in tongues and we hug in greeting . . . but Hillsong music may be a very great challenge! I find most modern or contemporary music to intolerable or not drawing me at all, unless it is kpop, jpop or actual fun American stuff!

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