Greetings Mike White, vice-principal!

Greetings Mike White, vice principal of Monta Vista HS!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

I thought I would say hi. I came across your name because ten days ago I passed by the Fremont High school and their sign about the Featherettes having their fundraising craft fair. So I searched on the topic of Cupertino high school dance team and your name came up in an unflattering way in some news reports!

I realize that the various news reports put the comments or comment you made differently and that your intent may have been less bad than it is portrayed in other of the news reports.

Anyway, because of the news reports of your inartful phrasing I looked up the Monta Vista dance team and I discovered that they have an annual Winter Showcase!

I got to go and that was very fun! I and my friends are also praying that God bless and help the dance team of your school in every good way!

At times I attend church and I am currently visiting or attending a church here in Campbell. The church is a little liberal compared to its brother churches but of a very conservative background and tradition. I think they are more conservative than 90 or 95% of the churches out there or in the county.

I met a guy I did not know and we were then chatting about Berkeley, Oakland and this area and Cupertino. We may have chatted a little about their spiritual conditions and good and bad things, which is a fairly common topic when I encounter Christians here in Santa Clara county. Santa Clara county is in dramatic contrast to either Berkeley or Oakland in terms of churches and spiritual state.

Anyway, friends of mine at church live in Cupertino and others live near you.

I told my new Christian friendly acquaintance about the news reports without using derogatory words. I also told him I had been able, because of the news report, to look up the dance team and attend their show!

When I told him of the news report he had a look of pain on his face. When I told him I had gone to the show he asked how it was and if the team was good!

I told him I thought it was very good and I was happy to have gone to the show!

I am single, but I have many friends at church who are parents with kids. Being married and having kids in the family is a common thing for adults of this church.

In any case, my new friendly acquaintance from church does not feel bad that there is a dance team or that they have a show.

Others and I pray that God bless the dance team and the members of it. Others and I pray that if any of them are in need of help with their walk with God or spiritually that God be helping them in that area.

So, perhaps God has brought a small bit of good out of your possible goof!

I hope that no one’s feelings on the team have been hurt and that all is well with you and the team!

If and when you wish to visit the church I am visiting I am sure they would be happy to have you! Though, my new temporary church has their own school and so not all the kids of the church families would go to your public school!

A number of years ago there was a man named Tom Sawyer who claims that he had a near death experience and reviewed his life while up with God or the angels or spiritual realm. Sawyer claims that trees and plants react favorably or unfavorably to our thoughts. He claims that he experienced time when he was 9 years old and passed by a tree in a park and he loved and appreciated the tree and the tree’s appearance.

He claims that while temporarily dead he experienced being the tree and feeling or experiencing the appreciation of Sawyer for the tree!

So, as you probably know already, it is good to have and think kind and loving thoughts towards lots of people and also, even towards trees and plants!

Forgive my being a bit crazy and thinking that our thoughts influence plants and trees.

I realize that some Christians will have different viewpoints on the girls dance team . . . At least one, in this local conservative church, thinks it is ok to think they are pretty!

God bless and help and guide you! God bless and help the dance team!

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