greetings to Carmen Best

Greetings to Carmen Best, spd chief, Sunday, July 7, 2019

Attached please find 2 photos of one of Seattle apparently many bullies who are inclined to grab people and push them around. Just after this fellow grabbed me without any good or rational cause, he and I had a conversation with one of your foolish woman officers who I believe goes by the name of Guzman. Her number appears to be 8506.

The thug admitted to grabbing me without any legal purpose or authority.

Now, I do not expect that in each and every case that you folks arrest a dumb dumb who is endangering my safety and has been assaulting me, or that your careless prosecutor’s office even charge such a man, but it does seem as if a rebuke, from the police officer taking the report and speaking with the man, would be appropriate.

Someone in your department must have read some of the Bible and some few of you should be aware that it says, If your brother sins, rebuke him.

Now, my memory is not infallible, but as best I know, the fearless officer Guzman did not rebuke the assaulter and inform him that grabbing people to push them around with no legal purpose or authority is not only wrong, but a crime, and liable to cause the person doing so to have charges brought or a protection order filed against him.

Now, maybe I am wrong and I will attempt to review the police report and bodycam video.

However, if it turns out that I am correct that officer Guzman holds my safety in contempt and did not rebuke the assaulter for his assault, then I am left to ask what kind of policing you folks do there.

It appears to be policing with contempt for the safety of residents and visitors of Seattle, since, if person A commits crimes against person B, and admits such to police, then, we would suppose that police would then inform person A that his conduct was bad and criminal and not to be repeated.

As best I can determine, that is not what officer Guzman did.

Long ago Sophie Scholl was being put on trial in Germany. Found guilty and being sentenced to death, she said to the judge and the court, “Where I am, you soon will be.”

And, if it turns out in fact that your officers have had contempt for my safety, then, I pray that God show you and them the right way.

And if God has some idea about removing any officers from the force, then, if any of them have had contempt for my safety, my prayer is that God show them the right way, or in fact, remove them from the SPD.


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