Ha, ha! psychological speculations on September 17, 2015!

So, in addition to this site, I have a blog at wordpress.com and I don’t pay much attention to it at this time.  I have posted a few photos to it and largely forgotten about it, usually.

I was just visiting again at the zaitzeff.wordpress.com site and I checked on some stats.  I seems that almost 200 persons visited the site shortly after Levi P had published his discouraging article about my suit in the seattlepi.

And if a person was looking through the zaitzeff.wordpress.com site, after some photos of walking at Greenlake, there are a handful of photos of a gal being caned.

The photos of the gals being caned is quite funny, given how they can be interpreted, and how easily they can be interpreted in a way that some would consider natural, but I think, wrongly.

A person could view the photos and believe that I am inclined to bind up women against their will and torture them by caning them . . . or . . . that my having viewed and saved such photos means that this approach is something I am inclined to.  Several years ago I was down in Los Angeles and there was a woman who saw my viewing a video of some caning and this woman was then highly agitated with one of the woman clerks at one of the desks.  The reason was that the first women of these two had seen some of a video and concluded that the video meant several negative things about me.

I don’t know all the details of the conversation she had with the library clerk.  I think the woman claimed to be some psychology or counseling professional in some way.  I forget the details . . . and she was concerned, I think, by her presuming that I was imbibing or expressing violence against women.

Of course, the question is whether or not she knew that I get caned and that I get caned for possible spiritual or other benefits  . . .  Does the fact that I get caned and that I believe it is spiritually or psychologically helpful to some people change how a so-called mental health professional would view my viewing some videos of another person being caned?

Do I, David, rejoice in the suffering of others, or do I admire some of them for their determination and self-control?  Do the women who are caned in Hungary experience any benefits that are a surprise to them?  That is one thing I would like to know, though I already suspect that they do.

Do I pity them for needing money enough to get caned and often crying?  Do I wonder if they experience unseen and unexpected benefits?

There are photos of people falling or jumping out of the WTC buildings on 9/11/2001.  Different people can view the same photo and have different reactions to the same photo.  A person with evil intent or desires may rejoice and a person with compassion may feel sorrow or be praying for those who died or those who are misguided.

In the case of the video which concerned the woman mental health person, the canings were consensual and also subject to being stopped at any time by the person being caned.  The persons being caned were auditioning for possible later roles in some caning movies produced by the group taking the initial video.

Some could think only persons who are mentally disturbed engaged in caning or getting caned, but the studies done by psychologists of those who practice bdsm do not find them to be pathologically different from the rest of the population.  If anything, they seem to be more mentally healthy, on average.  Of course, if such persons have a lot more sex of various types, then, there might be some worse physical health, but that is a different question.

There are a variety of exhortations in the Bible to engage in practices that bring pain and within some branches of Christianity, there are even phrases to refer to voluntary pain.  The question is whether or not some types of voluntary pain or voluntary suffering are spiritually helpful, psychologically helpful or psychicly helpful and if so, are they chosen by people who are acting rationally, from their perspective and perhaps from God’s point of view?

The Native American Indians had various practices that included the intention infliction of or experiencing of pain.  The Sateré-Mawé people intentionally use bullet ant stings as part of their initiation rites to become a warrior.[3]

Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed.  Exodus 17:11.

If and when you learn to write screenplays and stories, one common kind of story is the intersection or clash of two worlds or two cultures.  We see this in Witness and in the buddy-cop movie Lethal Weapon.

Anyway, it made me wonder if some people were more concerned than usual after September 16th, 2016 about my walks at Greenlake . . .  We obviously seem to have survived!


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