hate crimes in Seattle

The city of Seattle has a dashboard at which they show and somewhat keep track of hate crimes or bias crimes.

There does seem to be an increase from 2012 to 2018. Though the numbers are relatively small, the numbers seem to be 500% as many as in 2012. Is that because more bias crimes are taking place or because more are reporting them or both?

We do not really know. There appear to have been about 150 “assaults” of a bias type in 2018 and that is up from 25 in 2012.

In order to find out how preventable are such assaults, I think it would help to interview the victims to determine how much advance warning the person had prior to the first blow. Was it 1 second or 10 seconds or something in between or 15 seconds?

A lot of crimes are over quickly but in some bias crimes, the aggressor says things that identify him as acting badly for a bad reason, other than, he just wants money or wants to beat someone.

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