having fun with the city of Seattle in the future

I have been reading about the upcoming protests in Portland which were the result of the beating of Andy Ngo. I thought that if I were there I would make a banner or a poster or a flag with the photo or photos of Andy Ngo being beaten.

And then I thought that, if and when I have some time, I should do that in Seattle on the topic of my assault convictions!

I think I will print up in large form the court documents and walk with a sign of them and I Peter 3:14.

Now, as you know, the case is being appealed, but there is no guarantee as to how the appeal will go or, if the verdict is reversed, how a subsequent trial might go.

I am mentally and financially occuppied a bit with some other tasks and so I do not think I will get to the walks with the sign of my convictions this summer! I might but it is not predictable; maybe it will be next year!

God show Cameron, Hay, Keller, Lewis, Eisenberg and Best the right way!

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