helping or praying for a Christian ministry

If any of you wish, consider praying for or helping financially the Christian ministry in Sacramento called Loaves and Fishes.

They own a piece of property the size of city block. They do not take government funding to avoid complying with what they consider to be either red tape or irrational restrictions on their ministry. They feed the homeless or those in other types of need, both men and women, and provide showers and also, in times other than the coronavirus, they provide medical help, a mailbox and help people find work, or, at least, I think they do the latter.

They have got a bunch of a little buildings on their property and the buildings have various names on them for things that are done there.

The ministry also has a spot or spots where people can charge their cell phones and a few other things.

A bunch of the churches in Sacramento either support the work financially and many of them also send volunteers or staff on various days to help in various of the ministries. The churches which support the ministry in Sacramento seem to range from Catholic to Seventh Day Adventist, which is a pretty amazing combination or spectrum, and there are various other churches in between these which contribute or provide staff or volunteers.

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