highly viewed posts after the PI article

Here are some highly viewed areas, as of Friday, September 18, 2015.  The PI article has been out for a few days . . . some people might be visiting to see if I am some bad person or a danger to them or others or inclined to peer up some gal’s skirt . . .

/category/fun-photos/ with 72 unique page views . . .  There are only three photos in this category, which I should perhaps improve!

/complaint-in-photo-suit/ with 66 unique page views

/greenlake-short-skirt/ with 71 unique page views . . . showing a person whom I suspect is a girl, in a skirt of length at times worn by cheerleaders and it was of note to me given the work I was doing on the complaint in the photo law case against Seattle.  A lot of people for whatever reason wished to view the photo . . .

/category/sexy-walking/ with 55 unique page views . . . There seem to be only about 4 days/posts in this category

/category/stories/ with 38 unique page views

/2015/08/ with 25 unique page views . . .  I see that this category includes a review of Hitman Agent 47 .  . . it contains the story of the topfree gal . . .  a review of the man from UNCLE . . .

/about/ with 31 unique page views

/thursday-august-27-2015-topfree-gal-present/ with 28 unique page views

/category/prayer-womens-peace-in-seattle/ with 29 unique page views

/we-should-see-more/ with 33 unique pages views . . . which links to a photo on the seattlepi of 3 girls at a park face down.  I think they are cute . . . I hope people are not too badly unsettled by my noticing . . .

/anorexia-among-teenage-girls-and-weight-lifting/ with 15 unique page views and many page views in the last few days

/category/prayer-spd/ with 10 unique page views and many page views in the last few days

/sunday-august-23-2015/ with 8 unique page views and some of page views in the last few days . . .  This includes some photos of myself.

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