Holmes believes in “probation with supervised treatment”

I was watching one of the komonews articles on the topic of the bad behavior of Fransisco Calderon again. I found it because I figured I would check to see if I had spelt the name properly, given that I had encouraged you or various people to be praying for the man.

Anyway, there is a segment on komonews as to why Holmes was advocating his sentence for Calderon and it says that Holmes believes that “probation with supervised treatment” works.

Now, that is very funny, given that in my sentencing recommendation and in the actual sentence of me for the alleged assault or alleged assaults, they recommend jail time and no supervised treatment under probation and I was sentenced to jail time and no supervised treatment under probation.

The reason may be, I suppose, that the mental health evaluator and I are both happy, smiling and read some of the same books and, yes, by the way, as best she could find, there was nothing in my psychology or mental state or functioning with the world to treat, not even an alleged socially acceptable need for xanax citalopram, lexapro, prozac, diazepam (valium), abilify or tums.

Yes, by the way, some people take tums as a “medication” for some of the effects of anxiety.

I do not know if supervised treatment works for some persons who are socially maladjusted. It kind of works depending on the “treatment,” I believe.

In my case, I spent a lot of the first few days in jail praying for Cameron and his buddies that God show them the right way. After the first 2 or 3 days, I moved to different topics of meditation.

If I am by chance exonerated upon appeal, then . . . God and many others will hear of the wicked conduct of 6 people for many years.

Right now there is 1 lawsuit in federal court on the topic of the knives and 1 appeal on the topics of knives. I win; I publicize and 4 to 6 men are known for their contempt for justice and constitutional rights. That is worse than doing things right the first time, but no one believes in the long run consequences, it seems.

God show Cameron, Hay, Keller, Lewis and Best the right way! God show Lima, Richardson, Holmes, Greene, Lynch and Kondo the right way!

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