Hot yoga class

I did my first class ever today of yoga and it was also my first class ever of “hot yoga” and it was called Hot fusion, I think.  I would not have tried such a thing, but a friend does hot yoga and claims it has been helpful to him.

I have a friendly acquaintance who does hot yoga and he says he has lost weight doing it and that there were some other benefits I forget this instant.  I will have to talk to him to find out what other benefits he believes he has experienced.

This guy claims he has lost 40 pounds since he began the yoga.

There was an ACE done which alleges that weight loss is minimal and that hot yoga should be considered a light exercise.  Supposedly Bikram Yoga is done at 105 degrees and 40% humidity.  The ACE study was, I believe, done of people doing yoga in 95 degree heat.

According to webpages, some people get sick in the stomach or light-headed or have muscle cramping from doing their hot yoga.  I and others did not seem to have that problem.  I did not get dizzy or lightheaded during or after the class.

Our class was at full capacity of about 21 people.  Maybe that is because today is a holiday for some people, being January 2nd; maybe it is a sign that the yoga place has so many customers they could consider expanding.

There are photos on the Net of people doing their hot yoga in shorts and without a top.  Most people and I were in yoga pants and a normal top, but some guys were topless.

The studies find that doing such yoga is good at improving your sense of balance.

If your goal is to sweat, you get to sweat without working as hard as when you are running on a treadmill, or at least, not as obviously.  One webpage article says that the person starts to sweat at or during the first exercise, but I do not or did not sweat that quickly!

Re the heat, in order to help the body stay cool, the heart works extra to pump blood to the extremities.

One study finds that with bikram yoga a heart rate may go up to 140 or 150 and that long term benefits seem to include lowered heart rate and lowered blood pressure.  If I am walking on the inclined treadmill I walk with a heart-rate of 109.

The rough estimate of my maximum heart rate would be 220-56 or 164.  At 2/3 of that a person should be burning fat, or at 108.  Some of the session is more intense than a brisk walk on the treadmill and some is less.

I probably burn fat while walking on the treadmill on the incline and also during some of the poses of the hot yoga class.

Given the heat, is a person able to get a better stretch on some muscles that is then carried over into the rest of his life?  I don’t know.  Maybe.

There are different classes in the category of hot yoga. Some people recommend taking extra special precautions for your health, such as drinking lots of water–but it seems to me that this class is no more threatening to walking or a light jog on the treadmill. Also, I think your body gets adapted to the minor stress after a number of visits.

I can walk on an inclined treadmill for hours without overheating, but not everybody can do that and some people will overheat at 15, 20 or 35 minutes on the treadmill. Maybe if a person is more out of shape (and cannot walk without overheating) then the hot yoga would be more of a problem than it was for me.

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