ice girls the movie

I submitted a review of this movie to imdb; I do not know if they will publish it.  They are not many other reviews of this movie at this time.

This is the story of 2 girls who are ice skaters and who are initially somewhat friendly but their friendship is damaged when they become competitors against each other. The mom of one girl is mean and encourages her to win at all costs and that girl then steals the skates of the other girl.

Nevertheless, the other (and innocent) girl wins in the competition to go higher. She performs first and does very well. The girl who had stolen feels bad and almost does not compete and must be encouraged to compete by the girl whose skates were stolen.

There are two other aspects to note about this film. The innocent girl has injured her knee at the beginning of the movie, but gets better with some help of a coach she meets and who then helps her get some additional medical care. Whether it is reasonable for her to both recover and train well enough to win seems questionable.

The girl of the mean mom ice skates in what amount to bikini panties– when she has started her routine–but at certain points the bikini gets scrunched in a way that the “bikini” becomes a “thong” of tanga type. So a person gets to see a lot of the butt of the 2nd girl (the girl of the mom who is mean and hurtful). Or, we see some gluteal cleft, or what amounts to a bare butt when viewed from several side angles–a full side or partly side-rear view. It is kind of fun if you watch ice skating to enjoy the figure of the gals; I am not sure if the girls in high school wear that outfit! Maybe some do; maybe not!

I do not give the movie higher marks because the quick healing of the girl and some other parts, such as the mom selling his first used car, seem somewhat unreasonable.


a photo from near the beginning of her routine . . .


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