Imperium movie review

There was news recently about Daniel Radcliffe and his comments about being in the movie Imperium.   I was browsing movies to see on Xfinity on Demand and it was there and so I watched it.

The story is set in motion in a situation in which a number of barrels or cases or canisters of cesium seem to have gone missing.  The FBI is looking for whomever might be wanting to use these things to create a dirty bomb.  Some people are thinking it might be Islamic terrorism and one person thinks white supremacists and she recruits a new and semi-competent agent to go undercover on her behalf.

She recruits this guy because she thinks he can empathize with evil-doers and understand them a bit and some of evil-doers will sympathize with him.

The FBI guy joins up with a movement rather than one particular group.  The movement is comprised of various white supremacists groups and individuals of different degrees of violent tendencies.  Once the FBI guy is in, he is pulled in fact by different groups to be with them as opposed to being with others.

About 3/4 of the way through the movie, things go disastrously wrong.  The FBI tries to get incriminating evidence against a radio show host and in the process, they accuse a somewhat innocent guy and compromise their own investigation.

Then, as things are about to wrap up and the FBI guy is about to leave the white supremacist movement, the worse evil-doers ask the FBI guy to help them set up the dirty bomb.

The FBI guy has his cover almost blown at least twice.  It seems that it is because of the incompetence of the white supremacists that he is not caught, exposed and killed.

The white supremacists who were creating the dirty bomb had strange thinking.  They believed that if they set off a dirty bomb, that the reaction of the government would cause the general public to react against the government and then overthrow it in favor of something with their own ideology.

There was recently a stabbing in Olympia by a white supremacist of a man and woman who were kissing in public.  There was a similar scene in the movie, but in the movie, the FBI guy manages to prevent actual physical violence against the man of the inter-racial couple.

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