indecent exposure and comm. standards

I was in Berkeley near a favorite pizza place on Thursday. I was chatting with a cheerful woman of college age or just past college age. We chatted about some petitions and then she asked me about any other issues of which to be aware in upcoming elections.

That question led to the topic of the Berkeley anti-public nudity law, which I said needed to be modified.

When this topic came up, the woman (cheerful, of either early or mid-20s) gave her view that the thing needing to be covered was guys below the waist, and she was ok with women being topless or, for that matter, nude in some public places. Certainly, women who wished could be topless if and where they choose if men were also topfree.

No normal person in Berkeley, I think, believes in the over-regulation of the current anti-nudity law!

I was walking on one of my many walks at Greenlake and walking while in a thong. There was a young lady observer who was sitting or resting in some spot and I am guessing she was of high school or mid-school age. I walked on the walking path as normal and without doing much to create interaction.

The young lady laughed!

Even the 8th and 9th graders, or some of them, are able to figure out that some things are harmless, in the contexts in which they are harmless!

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