Ip Man 4 coming soon!

In addition to the photo sets up of the dance team’s show, there is a trailer of the newer Ip Man movie! This movie is out somewhere, but it does not seem to be available at the Saratoga 14! That is terrible! I will have to wait another few days or weeks to see it!

The question for some of us, I suppose, is whether there is good and evil and if they conflict, and how and which triumphs?

Some people do not seem to believe in good and evil and in right and wrong.

In the movie Hidden Life, we see many Austrians joining the army and serving Hitler, without regard to right and wrong. To the degree that some think of it, some of them and some of the priests and bishops say that one’s duty is to the fatherland and to obey the governing authorities, citing Romans 13.

You wish that in the movie Hidden Life that people had in fact rejoiced with the guy in his glorious death for right, by his refusal to swear the oath and join the army in evil-doing!

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