January 12, 2020, the seventh visit at Campbell church of Christ

Sunday, 01/12/20 was my seventh visit at the Campbell church of Christ.

I had been wondering how I was going to handle having 15 or slightly more individual prayer requests, given the numbers and various people I had met, encountered or seen and noticed during the week. In fact, at the gym and prior to being at church I had prayed for a woman showing midriff while walking on the treadmill near me and that was adding an additional person for whom I desired to request prayer.

However, the prayer request listing card is not well set up for more than 8 to 10 requests I think. For some people, I think they may write only 1 or 2 or 3 and write more detail about the request!

I arrived about a half an hour before the beginning of the 2nd service. Between the parking lot and the auditorium Bob one of the elders wished to speak with me.

I think he had a request that I change or do differently in two areas, but we only made progress on one of them! I think that either he lacks clarity in what seemed to have been his first area request or I did not understand it or believe it is appropriate, but we will discuss it further in time to time, and it was less essential to be resolved quickly, I think.

I am not sure that he liked a great deal my noticing and then praying for women and girls based on minor aspects of their being attractive or revealing, but it does not work or it did not work to simply discourage me from praying for them or noticing them, and we left that topic unresolved.

He also wished that in listing such persons for prayer on the prayer request card that I do so in a way that does less agitation or creates less fear or nervousness among those who might read and pray for those persons.

I said sure we can figure things out and I can manage to offend or concern you folks less, which he said includes persons in the office who might read the prayer request cards!

I think he also wished that I pray differently for the Jehovah’s Witnesses that I encounter . . . he is praying for them that they know that Jesus is God in the flesh or something similar to that. I forget the exact wording he used to describe what he believes they need or need to believe!

Since we talked I have read a few webpages on the topic of praying for Jehovah’s Witnesses . . . I believe that my approach is superior to that of that of John Piper as found on the desiringgod page but I am sure that people have different ideas of measuring success or goodness.

Anyway, Bob the elder and I have things to talk about in time to come and for now I request fewer prayer requests for a woman such as God bless the woman in fun shorts!

I think he might think I have some evil or unwise tendency to notice and appreciate the women, but that is not yet clear!

Today in church there was a visiting preacher who desires to perhaps become the new usual preaching minister of the church.

The church has a current preaching minister who is going away to a different church and I think he is going to Montana.

We have a newer possible guy who has been the youth minister of a church in Tyler, Texas. I talked to this guy after church and asked about his possible leaving the other church and coming here and why!

He says he would like to be a preaching minister rather than a youth minister . . . He says that as he is getting older it is harder or less interesting for him to relate to the youth!!!

I am not sure what to think of this! I actually do not like his having said that, but if it is true, then, well!

I greeted Robbie who is the son of David. We talked about the Rotten Robbie gas stations and about praying. During this time, a young lady came and prayed a game with Robbie with some hand-held paper thing!

I prayed for the kid!

I was partly wondering about noticing the women and girls and praying for them after the conversation with Bob on Sunday. Then I came into the Campbell coffee shop and there are the Christian women who get together for Bible study and some of them began their discussion by discussing the latest football game and its results. I think one of them may have said something about missing church related to watching the football game instead of being at church.

Remember, some people are concerned about me cause at church I have requested prayer for pretty girls and fun women that God bless them . . .

I think that may compare favorably with missing church to watch a football game!

We will figure things out, I am sure!

So, the question is, “Is it reasonable good and appropriate to pray for Jehovah’s Witnesses that God bless them?”

Paul says to bless those who persecute you and Jesus allegedly said that or something similar, Romans 12:14 and Matthew 5:44.

Paul also curses those who preach another gospel, he says, Gal 1:8,9.

If and when we encounter JWs and those witnesses have a mistaken idea about some things, including Jesus and other topics, is it appropriate to pray that God bless them? I think it is but I do not know!

Meanwhile, what do I think of the guy from Tyler, Texas?!

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