January 19, 2020, the eighth visit at the Campbell church of Christ; praying for some HS aged kids

I visited the Campbell church of Christ but I arrived very late from Berkeley and from getting gasoline on the way and from gathering some signatures at a coffee shop in Berkeley this morning. The activity at the good coffee shop seemed to slow down around 11:20 and I left Berkeley and arrived at Campbell at about 12:45!

It took forever! I was afraid there would be no one at church!

I arrived around the time that the 2nd of the 2 church services was ending.

I greeted Gray and I also had a conversation with David the praying guy whom I have met and we have chatted with on previous occasions.

Today is the last day of being at church for the man who is the current and soon to be departed for a different area preaching minister. There was a post-service potluck and then there was conversations about Scott who is the current and soon to be departed preaching minister.

As David and I talked I told him about the young lady or smaller girl who had smiled at me at the Saratoga library ten days ago and then she and I had traded, “God bless you.” I said that it seems there is at least one of the girls at the local middle school who knows God or is cheerful enough to pray or bless another person!

About a month ago David and I had discussed some of the kids of the middle school of Saratoga of whom there is at least one atheist. He had said that it is reported to him by various persons that a substantial part of the kids in the Saratoga school district are without God in various ways. Some claim it is 90% without God but that does not seem particularly reasonable. That number seems to be too high!

However, it is true that of the boys and girls of the school who smile my way at the nearby library, the numbers are few by comparison with the total! Maybe some of them know God but are shy!

In any case, about a month ago, David the praying guy was gently grieving or lamenting about the dearth of the influence of God and the Spirit in one of the local school districts. It is Saratoga and he thinks or claims that the absence of the knowledge of God or the Bible is worse in the Saratoga SD than in some of the surrounding SD, such as Los Gatos.

(Los Gatos was in the national news a few years ago for upsetting a girl and her dad by how the district handled a dress code situation, but it seems, or it is reported, that some degree of knowledge of God is greater by % there, at least in comparison to Saratoga!)

Today, I told David about the young lady who had smiled and then she and I had traded blessing each other with God bless you. David said he had something to share on that line!

David, it turns out, helps with one of the home groups of the church and one of the groups he helps is with the high school kids of the church. In the past week or 2 weeks, there have been 3 unbelieving visitors who have come to the “High School home group” or whatever it is called.

One of the newcomer kids is an atheist and one of them is an agnostic and I am not sure of the third of them. There were two young women and one guy. They are Serena, Hanna and Kaden (the guy of them).

I did what I could to encourage David and Tom Coe and the elders and a visiting guy from a different church to be praying for these kids without God of HS age. I think David already has been praying for the kids, but no one had requested the elders be doing so, so far as I know. I am not sure if Tom Coe was praying for the 3 newcomer kids; Tom said that he himself had just learned of their visit about a day ago!

Ha! Of course, in times past I have asked the elders to be praying for the Monta Vista dance team or for individual dancers of the dance team!

By the way, I think Tom has a close relation who works for the Saratoga SD and Tom claims that it is about 25% of the kids who have considered suicide!

Saratoga was in the national news due to the suicide of a “girl” of HS age here a few years ago. The young woman (meaning, a mid-teen of HS age) went to a party and she drank some alcohol. Some guys then sexually abused her and took photos of the abuse or her being nude and her being not well and then she was bullied or condemned at school. Then she killed herself.

Anyway, some people of the kids in the Saratoga school district are in need of God’s help and/or mental and emotional stability and wisdom and caring.

Of the three newcoming visitors to the “home group” it appears that 1 or 2 are of the Los Gatos school district and 1 or 2 are of Saratago school district.

I will do what I can to encourage prayer for the kids of the local schools . . . I have been doing so in small ways such as praying for the Featherette with the nice smile. I forget if I have requested prayer for only the Monta Vista dance team as a group or for some of the individual dancers.

Of course, elders in the church like the idea of praying for people and or kids who are without God or with alien or confused views of God, and I have previously encouraged them to pray for one of the local 8th grade atheists, for a girl with a pretty red gift bag and for a Muslim girl.

I saw a number of women dress in fun or cute ways this week, but I arrived too late to think about how to add them to the prayer request card for the elders. Also, I have to figure out how to request prayer for them individually without being overly descriptive or suggestive in terms of what they were wearing which is commonly what I remember them by!

At church today, there was one woman or girl in a top showing midriff! I prayed for her! I did not know that women or girls went to church in a tank top!

I mean, they probably do at some other churches, but I go to what are usually somewhat conservative churches! It has been forever or it has been completely never since I have seen a girl of teen years or a young women in a crop top!

Oh, I also met a guy from a Walnut Creek or something church which he says is near Berkeley. He came to know God or walk with God while in his high school years partly by knowing the preaching minister who is about to leave the Campbell church of Christ and go to Montana!

So . . . my question is . . . how do I request prayer of the elders for women and girls individually when I write down and remember them by what they are wearing?

I do not know!

If you wish, pray for Serena, Hanna, Kaden and for the kids at Saratoga HS and at Los Gatos HS. I have seen a number of the kids of the local “Redwood” middle school and requested prayer for them, but I have not requested prayer for all the kids of that school!

David the praying guy has not told me of any kids visiting the home group from Monta Vista HS! If you wish, pray for the kids of Monta Vista HS!

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