Kids and family weapons possession

On both July 9th and July 10th I browsed and walked through the various booths and games and activities at the Mercer Island street festival. On Saturday afternoon July 9th I was wearing a katana I have and on Sunday morning I walked without the katana.

I have a friendly and open look as I walk.

On Sunday morning, I was finishing chatting with the promotional gals of the KIXI radio booth and moving slowly east. There were 2 to 4 dental booth at the Festival. Right where the road turns east there was another dental booth.

I am not sure if I said hi first or if the fellow said hi. In this case, a fellow and some of his family are cheerful and smiling and they were not otherwise occupied in greeting another person.

The fellow complimented me and thanked me for the Basler for Congress sticker I had. I said I don’t really pay much attention to politics, but wearing the sticker was useful yesterday, especially when I was wearing the katana I have. So, I wore another Basler sticker “today” (which was Sunday morning) as well.

He said he had just bought a katana for his son.

I said, approximately, “Yes; a lot of families should have these, because some parents store their firearms in a safe where the kids can’t get to it. In Merced, California, a teenage girl and other family kids were attacked by a drug crazed home invader named Bruce. Two of the kids were killed. The girl had been trained in the use of firearms but unable to use the firearm due to the safe storage gun-lock laws in California.”

When I said this, the dentist said, approximately “When we were living here on the Island, we had a home invasion. A burglar was upstairs while we were downstairs. We had no firearms at the time.” He then implied that the family now has their firearms and he had made it clear the kids have and know their katanas as well.

This is the cheerful fellow with his cheerful family, if I recall correctly as to which of the dentists it was . . . and I am pretty sure I have the right one. Of course, we shall hope that everybody abstains from home invasions or other felonies in the vicinity of the dentist’s home . . .

Since I just indicated that his home has weapons, I won’t specify the name of the dentist other than to state that he and his family are cheerful and nicely smiling. We shall rejoice and appreciate his presence on Mercer Island!


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