kirotv’s story re nude beach sunbathers

I read the local news.  This morning I opened up the local news websites and read a story at  The article claims that neighbors of Denny Blaine Park are concerned about the nude sunbathers there.

The news reporter does not interview a neighbor who is actually concerned, offended and troubled.  The news reporter speaks briefly with a woman who seems to be a part of the Seattle Parks department.

This woman says we can’t do anything about this; we have no enforcement authority.

The woman says we hope to have a family friendly environment .  . .

And, on the other side of the story . . . the side that is not in the news story . . .

People have been going nude or topless at that park, Denny Blaine, for 20 years.  People of a variety of ages do come to the park without difficulty, including toddlers or kids with their parents.  The Seattle parks department keeps the records of emails sent to them which are complaints on a variety of topics.  As of late 2014, complaints or suggestions per year on the topic of nudity in parks was between 1 and 5 per year, for all of Seattle’s residents and visitors in all of Seattle’s parks.  Of those “complaints,” as of late 2014, all or most of the complaints (less than six in any year, as of 2014) were not in reference to Denny Blaine Park, but to instances of nudity or thong-wearing in other Seattle parks.  In 2014, one of the “complaints” was in fact not a “complaint” but it was a request for topfree situations to be tolerated.

The story provides no indication as to how many, if any, new complaints have been made to either the Seattle Parks department or to the city council for 2015 or 2016.  Probably there have been few or no such complaints as in previous years.  However, the Seattle online crime map shows that there were two calls yesterday in the area to 911 in the area for parking violations.  The park is so popular that so many people are trying to go that some person makes a mistake and parks in a way that impedes getting in and out of a driveway.  At least per 911 records, for Saturday 8/20/16, that was the “problem.”








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