lessons of the Big Short movie

I have been in the city of Berkeley which is near Oakland is across the water from San Fran.

I am a member of a gym with nice screens on treadmills and you can watch tv and youtube on your treadmill.

For some reason when I arrived in the area and began to use the gym I ended up watching again some of the movie the Big Short.

The movie is interesting because it shows or portrays 5 different characters who end up outwitting the large banks and shorting the U.S. housing market.

The movie portrays all five of these guys as in greater or lesser degree social misfits in part and having either some degree of paranoia and/or sense of outrage at injustice in society. All the persons, except for one of them, who were short in the Big Short movie were a bit paranoid and/or outraged.

And it is was a combination of these things, in each case, that enabled the guys who shorted the U.S. housing market to spot and profit from the upcoming collapse and fall in the market.

Anyway, seeing the movie was comforting to me, because I believe that the threats of Cameron against me and the process were unjust. Also, it appears that many people in Seattle have little regard for their safety or mine.

I know something that they do not, because they are wilfully blind. Or, so I believe.

A lot of people are subject to normalcy bias. They assume that since they have not been attacked or robbed, that they are not really at risk of it and they do not take good and necessary steps to spot and stop danger.

I, having been beaten and hit and robbed a few or several times, see things that those who have not been beaten and hit do not. A lot of people act with indifference to danger unless and until they have been hit.

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