los angeles county and gun violence threat assessments

Los Angeles county is not known for its success in dealing with the homeless and certain other related social maladies.

However, the county of LA started in 2007 to 2009 what is called START.

They had about 10 people and they have now increased the numbers to more than 40. These people are not law enforcement per se but they take calls from various people about threats of violence or red flags or warning flags of violence against or in the schools, especially gun or larger violence than bullying.

Then the group or the persons of the group sends out or directs out the possible threats to either law enforcement or to mental health professionals or there is no response taken if there is in fact no meaningful threat.

This is an area that we might regard as socially troubled. It appears that the group of evaluators gets about 1000 calls or notifications per year of possible or likely threats.

The county supervisor and some of the news say what is probably wise, which is that in some areas and situation, the red flags are seen only in retrospect. I think the truth is that the flags are seen but often not acted upon by making a phone call or email.

People in our society and probably other societies have a tendency to not complain and to not report.

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