Met Joe, the guy I prayed for on Sunday

On Sunday a few days ago I had a peculiar experience. I walked over to the farmers market of MI and then to the drugstore and then to McDonalds. I was wearing some crop top for fun and several women smiled or said hi, which was an interesting response.

While at McDonalds I thought about the fact that I do not pray much or often for those who are sick and afflicted and I instead pray, in terms of numbers, half or more for women and girls being pretty, fun or interesting out in public. I pray God bless them or God bless and help them, etc.

Anyway, I had written to my usual email group that I pray that God bless various women and girls and a smattering of occasional others but I did not pray nearly as much for sick and afflicted people I see.

And on Sunday I figure I will ask God if it matters to him much if I pray for the sick and the afflicted. Now, realize that I can give you reasons on both sides of that question.

Anyway, on Sunday while sitting at McDonalds I pray on that topic and within a second or so this guy walks by who has difficulty walking. And I say, “OK,” and I pray for him and figure that I will do so, if it matters to God or makes God slightly happier.

This is Tuesday morning and I was over at Starbucks getting some hot chocolate. I was about 5:30 in the morning which is an earlier time of day for me to go to Starbucks.

I go in. I order. I receive the drink. I am in the process of leaving and this guy is entering and he says hi to me and we start to talk.

He has difficulty walking and he apparently is at some places on some days.

We chat some about my t-shirt and then I suggest that I will tell him a fun story that relates to him.

I tell him the story of praying to know if I should pray for the sick and afflicted on Sunday around noon at McDonalds and he walks by and I figure ok.

So I say, So I prayed for you and I will try to pray more for sick and afflicted persons when I see them in public, approximately.

The guy thanks me for praying for him!

Some people on Mercer Island and some people in Seattle do not want me around . . . tis a funny conjunction of events. Some people on Mercer Island want me off the Island and some people in Seattle want me in jail for as long as possible and this guy, a man with some difficulty walking, is happy that I was praying for him a few days ago.

Tis a bit of encouragement . . . I figured that for the next 3 weeks I was probably going to be praying more than usual for Cameron, Lewis and Eisenberg that God show them the right way!

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