meth psychosis

On and off in the last 12 months there has been a lot of concern re homeless person violence, either related to shoplifting or to outright unprovoked attacks, in the news media of Seattle.

Anyway, in the last few weeks I have been watching various of the videos of Indy Neidell the historian on various wars. It turns out that Hitler and some German soldiers were on meth at various times.

Anyway I just researched slightly by doing a google search. It appears that meth for some people produces various kinds of mental bad effects and psychosis. It depends on the person and the dose.

Anyway, side effects can include hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, irritability, aggression, lack of impulse control and a heightened willingness to indulge in risky behavior without regard to consequences to onesself or others.

There has obviously been some very bad or very dumb behavior reported in the Seattle local news media of persons who might be homeless or on drugs doing bad aggression for no perceivable good reason.

The average normal person would know that pushing a woman over an overpass is not going to help anything.

Even if you do not like her or if she did not smile sweetly at you it will not help to push her over a ledge or an overpass railing.

So, why not also publicize the meth psychosis and meth paranoia and meth aggression?

Taking meth for some people is like drinking and driving and that is a bad thing. Right?

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