Midway and Berkeley

Some theatres were showing the Midway movie last night. I watched it at the Regal theatres place which is just south of the main public library.

It appears that before the attack, the Japanese naval leaders may have been playing a war game in which one of them plays the Americans and wins by adopting the surprise attack which we had. Then, they assumed that we could not be there lying in wait and they were badly surprised.

At the ending of the movie it says it is dedicated or in honor of the American and Japanese who fought or die in the battle.

The Japanese members of the armed services of the time were brutal, inhumane, sadistic terrorists by culture and training. Or, this was true of at least the Army and I do not know if it was true of the Navy.

After some of the Doolitte Raiders landed in China, the Japanese engaged in morally bad reprisals against the Chinese of the area, both in general and against those found or suspected of having helped American flyers escape.

Local police have not taken me away!

Though, if and when I search for Berkeley on various topics, once in a while it comes up that Berkeley police are looking for whomever idiot who has been taking photos in obscene or forbidden ways . . . and I get to have my heart beat more quickly tell I read enough of the story to realize they are referring to someone other than me!

I often park at the north part of downtown and walk to and from some of the spots in the center of downtown.

At 9:30 p.m. at night there were one or two pretty or fun women in a short skirt, and perhaps they were exiting a bar or restaurant. Apparently one fun thing to do, if and when the weather is warmer, is simply to walk north and south Shattuck between 8 and 10. I do not know if the walk is interesting after 10.

I walk at the gym but I have never tried just walking on the sidewalk of downtown at that time of “night” for fun. It seems safe enough.

Yesterday and today we have had mist or clouds or haze and the temps are lower than usual when we have sunshine. I think our weather in the past few days has run 10 to 15 degrees warmer than the temps in Seattle.

Yesterday I think temps would have been between 50 and 60 at night between 8 and 10. We have other nights with temps between 60 and 70, between 8 and 10.

I might have some days of work in Santa Clara county in the next week. We will see. San Jose is supposedly even richer than here and may be snotty, a bit in attitude!

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