missing national news; man runs over protestors blocking traffic

There were some protestors recently who decided to block traffic and threaten people in what appears to be Reno.

Some of the protestors surrounded a vehicle and one of the protestors then threatened those inside the vehicle.

The vehicle then went forward, injuring one or more protestors.

Protestors complained, demanded that police come and help them and began to label the action a hate crime.

In Seattle protestors have frequently blocked traffic. In the greater Charlotte area, protestors have blocked traffic and then assaulted and attacked drivers and/or destroyed their cars or trucks. In the LA riots in 1992, protestors who were actually merely rioters, attacked and perhaps at times killed persons who drove into their areas, such as Reginald Denny.

The fact that protestors wish to block and surround cars and threaten occupants is highly unsafe, given the fact that other protestors or rioters have in fact killed and beaten persons whose vehicles they have surrounded.

Now, I read about this because I visit and read the news at stormfront which is sometimes morally challenged.

The fact that protestors are surrounding and threatening persons who are peacefully driving on the road is news which is not news that should be confined to stormfront. Every one of us who drives a car or who is a passenger in a car in city where there are protests such as Seattle, Portland and dozens of others has the risk of this happening.

Over at Foxnews there is a story right now about outrage over a Kim Kardashian inspired costume. Today in local Seattle news, there are photos of gals from the Girl-geek convention.

Hey–no problem. Did it occur to any of you to put up the photo of the vehicle running over a “protestor” in Reno, Nevada? Is that somewhat significant national news?

Or, is the news confined to people who read stormfront or the dailycaller or even wiki on the attack on Denny?

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