Monday, August 3, 2015

I walked at Greenlake today.

Because of my work schedule, I walked a bit earlier than usual.  I walked from about 1:15 to about 2, I think.  I tried something slightly different with some socks.  They were black and white stripes and knee high.  Oh boy, socks quite bad!

I was walking while there were kids of various ages at the East Greenlake beach in some larger groups.  A great number of the kids were of elementary ages, with a smattering of teens.  I think that some of the groups of kids of elementary ages are sometimes there but often they are done and leave earlier in the day than most of my walks.  A lot of my walks begin around 2 or 2:30.

Some of the kids noted my walking on the path, with various forms of OMG.  . . but ok forms of OMG rather than, I am terrified and OMG!  Here are some screams but of course not from Greenlake . . .  At least these screams are not from Justine, the Misfortunes of Virtue . . . and L Street can rejoice . . .

I would tend to write, “Ha!” . . . but if I only “Ha!” without explanation, I am not sure if that would be taken by some to mean that I walk for the purpose of causing kids who are 8 and 9 to yell, “Oh My God!”  . . .

I’ve told people why I walk but some of them don’t believe me.  It is either that I walk because some people have thought I have a cute butt and think it is ok to be seen and that walking is fun . . . or . . . the other person has been watching Criminal Minds on ION or A&E . . . Oh, boy, agents Hoch, Reid and Morgan say hello!

There was also a group of about six teens at the East Greenlake beach who noticed me and the sign.  I don’t know if they were a mixed group of guys and girls or if the group was of all girls.  They saw me and were reading the sign.  I smiled and waved, but we did not hug.

While on the west side of the lake and heading southward, I passed by two women who were talking.  The woman speaking stopped in mid-sentence and was silent for a bit.  After several seconds, the woman speaking resumed her conversation.  The next time this happens, I will try to count the steps.  Ten steps of silence (or was it fifteen?) . . . hm!  Well, I think it went well . . . just as long as no one needs to take me to Arkham . . .

At West Greenlake beach there was a girl with some friends at the piano and she was playing Bach.  Last week a different girl was playing, I think, Mozart.  I have not figured out yet if it ok to say hello to them and greet them peacefully and congratulate them for their nice art and music playing.  I’d want to . . . but I have not wanted to concern them.  Perhaps I will try, “Thanks for the nice music,” next time!

Toward the end of the walk I was on the south side of the lake and heading east.  One fellow said to me, “not good,” or something similar.  I prayed and asked God if I was doing good or harm by my walks.  I pray and this question a few times a year, when it seems as if there has been no feedback or interaction from people for several weeks . . . or if someone makes a negative comment I wish to consider.  Almost immediately I observed that there was a woman on a bicycle who was circling the lake on the outer perimeter of the lake.  She was also going to the east. She was looking my way.

I smile or waved.  She smiled or waved back, if I recall correctly.  I felt encouraged.  Prior to my seeing her, I wondered if the fellow’s words meant that my socks or the undies were bad or worse in some way than previous.  And it was comforting to me to have the woman on the bike have an appreciative or peaceful look.  Some people might wonder if I completely ignore negative feedback . . .  I actually don’t, but I try to pay attention to both positive and negative feedback and to consider both when I make decisions about things such as walking.  I hope the fellow who gave me his peaceful feedback does not feel too bad if I do not change to his liking quickly!

Because my reaction to some negative feedback is to be silent and then to pray the fact that I actually do consider and react to some negative or discouraging feedback is not obvious to some people .  . .  They would probably prefer that I go by their feedback . . .

After the walk, I was in my car and about to drive elsewhere.  Three SPD patrol cars passed by one after the other, which is a bit unusual.  Is it because they had been concerned about the fact that I was assaulted at DB Park and that I had written about walking or being at DB Park with an empty holster or other things?  I don’t know.  Were they on their way to other projects . . .  or finishing up after being aware I was finishing walking?  I don’t know.

The East Precinct police station on Sunday morning had a sign on it saying do not bring in suspicious items–ask the desk officer for assistance.   On early Sunday morning I had sent SPD an email, indicating I might be outside at times with an unloaded airgun, in light of the fellow who grabbed my arm at DB Park on Saturday.  I do not know if the East Precinct normally has such a sign on it . . . I don’t think so but I could be wrong and I don’t know when they put the sign up.  Perhaps the East Precinct leader did not wish me to walk into the building with an unloaded airgun.  Maybe that was not on his wishlist!

Of course, I am not sure if he was distinguishing between a fellow walking in with an  unloaded gun in a holster and a handgun in someone’s hand . . . but either way, tis not a problem.  Maybe I can invite him or his community outreach officers to lunch one day!  We could do open carry of an empty holster at Chipotle or Qdoba!

I have written previously that there at times peculiar coincidences in my life.  I obviously was a bit unsettled by being grabbed at DB Park.  This morning, at just before 11, at Pioneer square, there was a gal sitting on a bench doing some free listening to stories of people.  She is Christian; whether or not this is a part of her Christian ministry, I do not know.

We talked about walking at Greenlake and about the fellow who had grabbed my arm at DB Park.  She studies martial arts.  We talked about her reaction to having her arm grabbed and held.

We hugged in parting and I may visit her church–although her church seems to have 1000 people and she may not be easily found, for the time if and when I wish to visit her again.  We might go for a walk at Greenlake sometime!  She and another gal in the afternoon were two persons who asked me, in a gentle and non-hostile and non-discouraging way, why I walk at times in undies.

I did later do walking while gathering signatures downtown in clothing with a belt and an empty holster.  People tend to not notice, not look or be concerned, and that is ok.

There was a call on the online crime map logged in at 5:01 p.m. at 3rd and Pike for crisis.  (The call was number 15000267777.)  Whether that was in reference to another person, or because someone had seen me with an empty holster on my belt, I do not know.  In any case, it was either for someone else, or the bike patrol may have decided that visiting with me about having an empty holster would not be necessary.  If so, that was nice of them. . .  Of course that intersection does have people who at times have fallen over drunk or overdosing or really not well for other reasons.

Later in the day, I was downtown . . .  There was one gal and she has a nice figure and an interesting walk!  I include so many photos of her for the different angels of tilt she shows us!

For what it matters, a lot of people, either men or women, have a walk with hips remaining mostly flat . . . or if the hips “move,” the hips are chiefly swiveling rather than tilting.

For some more tilt, one might try here . . . Shakira!

Oh, this is a late addition, but below is another gal . . .


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