Monday, July 6, 2015 and July 4, 2015

When I wrote the post for July 4, 2015, I included two photos.  One was of a gal in a thong sunbathing in a shady area and the other was of a lifeguard.

When I posted the photo of the gal in the thong, I abstained from posting two other normal photos . . .  I did not know if it was fair to include them in the same posting!

I walked at Greenlake on Monday, July 6, 2015.  I walked briefly clothed, then in undies, then briefly clothed.

The only remarkable photo from this day was of a crow which had snagged a cherry!  I assume that someone had dropped or left one or more cherries at the lake and apparently crows eat them!


the crow has snagged a cherry!


Here are some photos from July 4th that I did not show in my post for July 4th, cause the gal in thong was a strong photo .  . .


Here is a photo of the parrot that enabled me or led me to catch the photo of the gal in the thong . . .


I was walking on the walking path and I noticed the gal in the thong but it seemed like it would be peculiar to take her photo . . . then and there.  I noticed the parrot and took photos of the parrot and then turned my camera slightly to the right and there the gal was!

Here is another of her .  . . simply cropped a bit . . .

Gal in thong at Greenlake 07/04/2015

An actual thong, I assume, rather than a “cheeky thong.”



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