Monday, June 11, 2018

Here is the story of Monday, June 11, 2018.  I am having some problems with photos being saved in black and white and so I am trying to figure out how to solve that, though for now, I am simply sending a large uncropped photo!

On Monday afternoon I was at various spots of downtown Seattle while gathering signatures, mostly for i1639.

At one point I was at a bus stop used by people often going to West Seattle.

This was an important and well used bus stop with 30 to 50 people or so in the vicinity at any one time. At a bus stop various people may be closer to the street or farther away.

I am finishing with a woman who has just signed i1639. Behind us by 6 feet is a man who has waved me back to him to sign.

I hand him the initiative and he starts to sign. I make sure he knows what he is signing–and he does. He says he has been waiting for someone with the paper for him to sign.

Partway through I say, “So, have you heard about or read about the gun safety initiative in the news?” or something similar.

The man is one of many followers in a small way of Thurgood Marshall.

He says, “I wrote it.”

I say, “You wrote it?!”

He says, “Yeah, I wrote it and I argued it before the court!”

We took a minute to discuss the safety class requirement . . . and he certainly does know the initiative without having to read it.

I think I just met the lawyer who wrote the thing! Ha!

Meanwhile . . .

Over at 3rd and Pine, spd has, it seems, increased their uniformed presence, at least at times.

There is now a group of four officers on bike patrol who at times are together and at times observing at 3rd and Pike and/or 3rd and Pine. I know officers Jokela and Drummond and officer Jokela is sufficiently friendly that we say hi when we see each other, though we do not have a lot of news or topics to share with each other, so our greetings are usually less than 3 minutes long. If the time ever comes that I report a crime or problem or confrontation, on foot, officer Jokela will have pre-existing knowledge of my mental state and general activity . . . We sometimes wave when I am on foot and he is riding past, from place to place. . . these are our fun benefits from last August when I wore the sword at times while walking and Jokela spoke with me while he and Drummond were being grumpy and not happy about walking with a sword in Seattle, but they have managed to survive the minor bump in the road! Officer Drummond does not say hi as much, though!

On Monday, there was the 4 officer group on bike patrol on one side of the street. On the other side of the street, there were 2 officers searching or detaining a man who did not look well or well-kempt. The cause of the search was not clear, though perhaps it would have been drugs, weapons or shoplifting. The not-well man was being detained outside the doors of a drug store with hundreds of trinkets, long lines to buy anything and what seem to be shoplifting problems, since the batteries for $6 are behind locked glass windows. The first step to obtain your batteries, for $6, is to go to the front desk and ask someone to open the case for you . . . and then you wait in line for 5 to 15 minutes at busy times of the day. So, try to buy your batteries nearer to home and not at 4 p.m. downtown. The MI QFC is a better choice.

I think that after the 2 or 3 most recent published attacks, stabbings or shootings, that the precinct leaders or someone decided to increase number and visibility of patrol on that block, at least during certain hours. In times past it seemed that Jokela and Drummond were together as two rather than part of 4, at least when I encountered them. I guess my question is, why a group of 4, rather than 2 groups of 2? Maybe they are safer that way.

In other news . . . unrelated . . . a girl or gal was in cut-off shorts while walking on a block!

Here  is the gal or girl!




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