Monday, June 29, 2015

I walked Monday at Greenlake and then I was downtown gathering signatures.

During the walk, I hugged two persons.

Partway through the walk, there was a guy and a gal in water.  The gal was not in the water fully and was wearing a thong.  I tried to obtain a photo, but she jumped into the water too quickly!

Toward the ending of the walk, I saw again a young lady by my estimation 5 to 7 years old, fully nude.  In this case, she was taking her bathing suit off and drying herself off, while in the presence of what I assume to be her mom and perhaps some other family members.   As to how it happens that I have seen a girl of about that age, nude, twice at Greenlake, I do not know!

No photos from Greenlake today, but some nice ones of a gal downtown . . . and, oh, no calls so far as known from the online crime map!


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