Monday morning and versions of Psalm 24!

On Monday morning I encountered the husband and wife who are part of the ministry at church of the Valley.

The wife had been praying for me from time to time and even remembered one of my prayer requests and asked if there had been change or the same condition in that area!

That was so nice! God bless her!

She and the husband and I discussed the following topics: how and why I left the LDS church, reaching LDS persons in effective or ineffective ways, some of the wife’s story of how she came to more fully trust and believe in God.

She believes that God has shown Himself to her in one or more ways of some miracles or minor miracles.

Prior to my saying hello to them, they had been reading or studying and thinking on the topic of spiritual gifts, I Cor 12 and 14 and how spiritual gifts edified the church but I am paraphrasing what they said about that.

I do not know if they had read I Cor 12 or I Cor 14 or merely parts of one or other of those chapters.

The topic of spiritual gifts and/or I Cor 12 is a peculiar one given that later I decided to send her a listing of some prayer requests which included praying for several girls in this area whom I thought were nice and for the Monta Vista dance team whom I appreciated.

When Paul speaks of spiritual or other gifts, does he mean only those which are clearly miraculous? There is another listing of gifts or ministries in Romans 12 and that list includes serving others and giving, which Paul also encourages. See Romans 12:6-8.

In any case, I was thinking of sharing the story of the woman who shared some of her story with me, but I realized I wanted to ask her two further questions before writing it down in way that was for others to read, and that is assuming she does not object to sharing the bit of her story!

And I wished to check on something and so I went to the website of the church and then to the page of the worship ministry or worship group.

There is our gal who is determined or passionate in her praying and there is also a guy and they are singing a version of Psalm 24.

On Sunday I had been at the Campbell church of Christ and began to wonder what other song or series of songs to request that we learn and sing.

The version of Psalm 24 sung by the two worship leaders of church of the Valley did not draw me much. I wondered if it was something that they had written or if it is was an adaptation or cover of something others had written.

I went to youtube and looked for Psalm 24 and Psalm 24 song.

I found two that I liked or which are at least interesting, or more interesting.

Anyway, you wonder if it is bad or wrong to have thoughts of dislike or wishing for other things when others are singing worship songs. What if God sees those songs differently than you do?

The youtube placement of Psalm 24 up at the website of church of the Valley is very funny. The reason is that, after it is over, it stops and then displays other songs or videos you have been watching similar to or the same as you have been watching previously. So, the page says “church of the valley” and there is the images of 4 different songs sung by Korean or Japanese female pop singers in their fun music videos!

There are probably some pastors who do not spend much time watching the Brown Eyed Girls or Girls Generation! The elders of church of the Valley may not know the Brown Eyed Girls!

In any case, I found one group I did not know which I liked and two versions of Psalm 24 that are fun. The group is the Prestonwood Choir. Here are the two versions of Psalm 24 which I like and the image from the church of the valley after the worship song was finished!

The first one has a bit of medieval or Celtic feeling, I think, but I am not sure if that is the way to describe it. It reminded me slightly of Enya!

It is Psalm 24 by the Gettys! The other is Psalm 24 by the Prestonwood Choir!

I think my choice is the version by the Gettys, though the version by the Prestonwood Choir draws you in! . . . but you wonder if Paul says to avoid making these kinds of distinctions. He says to avoid comparing ourselves with others, if I recall! Galatians 6:4 and elsewhere!

So, how do people compete in beauty pageants if they are following Galatians 6:4? Hmmmm . . . That is the question!

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