Monday’s foxnews discussion on ERPO or red flag laws

This evening, in the last 30 minutes, one of the female talk show hosts of foxnews invited in 2 guests to argue either side of the question of erpo laws or red flag laws. I think that the woman host name is Laura Ingraham and she begins her segment by saying . . .

These red flag laws are being discussed in many states and exist in 5 states. They sound good, but are there hidden problems? Here we have so and so and such and such to discuss the question . . .

The argument presented by the opponent of erpo laws was disastrously bad. I forget the argument of the guy on the side of erpo.

The man against erpo says, “Well, there are people who are afraid of spiders and some have obsessive compulsive disorder and some are a little bit depressed. Should we deny to these people the right to defend themselves?”

Ha, ha, ha. I’ll let the local police know I don’t like tarantulas or black widow spiders and I don’t even like the big brown ones we have so often in Western Washington. I am sure they’ll know what to do.

The “problem” is this–

in a world of delayed justice, limited resources, a jury being reluctant to convict and the need to compromise and at times due to seeming political need to not prosecute persons of certain groups or ages, there are dozens and hundreds of people who commit assault, make threats, who brandish weapons (by the legal definition, not just wearing one in public and not speaking of self-defensive brandishing), who point guns at other people, who mix up hallucinations with gun waving and who engage in drunk and disorderly conduct and who go to bars or clubs and who are rude and aggressive,

should those persons, if they have firearms, have those firearms, when their actions constitute low-level crimes for which they are not prosecuted, and/or which are or should be indicia of danger, or, when their actions are seriously anti-social but their foolish anti-social conduct is known to police and likely to lead to escalations of bad behavior?

Too bad that I do not have an email for Ingraham . . .

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