Monday’s prayer requests

I am at the wonderful Campbell coffee shop. On different days of the week there are various Christians and Christian groups who get together and do Bible study and pray and I know many of them by this time. At times I share prayer requests with some of them, if I have gotten to know them or there is a meaningful introduction.

One of the groups meets together from about 6 to about 7:30. They are a group of 8 to 20 women who are from Westgate church. I know them and have shared prayer requests with them and their leader. They are women and it seems to be all women in this particular group.

I wondered around 6 a.m. how to share my current batch of prayer requests, since most of my prayer requests now are praying for 3 very nice young ladies. Or, that is one school dancer and two girls who are kids. There is the Featherette who had the nice smile and there are the two different girls of estimated age 5 or 6, who smiled or waved or flirted or whatever it is she did, since maybe 5 year olds do not actually flirt, and only seem to do some things that are unusual to the obserant eye!

But how would I present praying for them as a prayer request given that people tend to think I should not have noticed or interacted with these persons, especially the actual kids who were perhaps 5 or 6?

I had shared with the Bible study leader the story of the elderly woman atheist of Berkeley who was feeble and using a walker. When I said, “God bless you,” the woman turned to me in the crowd of people and thanked me, though she said she was an atheist! I had told the Bible study leader about this around 6 a.m. My encounter with the elderly atheist of Berkeley took place around 2 months ago!

During the Bible study time I was reading the news and thinking about if or how to request prayer for my newer favorite girls, who are probably all under 18. I mean, I make the assumption that the Featherette I met yesterday with the very nice smile is under 18, statistically speaking.

The Featherettes are the dance team of a local high school. Saturday and yesterday they were having a craft fair partly for the purpose of raising money for their trip to national competition Disneyland in Florida, if I understand correctly!

I read the news about the news reporter who got swatted on the butt in public on tv and seemed to be upset or shocked. I read this between 6 and 7:30 a.m.

The Bible study group was finishing up around 7:40. Most of the group had left and there was Lisa the leader who was still here.

I approached and I said I had several prayer requests but they were of smaller size or importance, maybe, compared to the larger prayer requests in previous weeks. I also said that my mom for whom we had been praying was doing mentally better than she has been in previous months! Maybe God has helped but there are human or natural causes for her improvement, also!

I asked that she pray for the feeble woman atheist of Berkeley who had thanked me for blessing her! I did admit that this might mean salvation for the feeble atheist woman and so, maybe it is larger prayer request, in terms of importance, from God’s point of view. God maybe cares a lot about the salvation of the atheist and I do not care as much. I care that God would bless and help three girls (one high school girl and two girls who are kids) that God bless them and be nice to them!

I do not know what God will do with me since we obviously do not have the same priorities! At least once in a while they overlap!

Probably some people will read this and conclude that they should be praying for me that I care more about the things that God cares about such as people being saved or repenting or coming to a knowledge of the truth. Oh, boy! But I am not sure I care about that prayer request! In fact, I do not really, I think. I think, hum. Why? Why should I bother? Why should I care?

I do not know but it does make some of my Christian friends happy to pray for my friends and relatives who are lost or without God and so I guess it gives them a reason to be happy about praying for some of my prayer requests!

I told her the story of the woman journalist in the news who got swatted on the butt and then the reporter was upset or shocked. I suggested that we pray that God comfort her, Bozarjain, and make things up to her. I said it does not matter to me if I am groped or swatted but I realize that some women are upset by it, and we can pray that God help Bozarjian the news reporter who was swatted on her butt.

I said that I had met a Featherette of the high school dance team and this Featherette had had a very nice smile and I was praying that God bless her. I said that there were two other young women or ladies who smiled or waved to me and for whom I was praying that God bless them.

So my third prayer request was to pray for all three of these nice young ladies who smiled or were nice to me in some way, such as by waving or greeting me! Does God mind that two of those three for whom I request prayer are under 10? I shall hope not!!

I was also requesting prayer for a woman so old and feeble she cannot walk without a walker!

God bless the Featherette with the very nice smile! God bless the girl in blue! God bless the girl who waved and asked my name!

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