moral topics of note . . . praying

With some extra time I have from being on lockdown I have learned about or seen videos about some extra interesting moral topics.

In the movie the Dark Knight (2008) the Batman character engages in torture, in a moderate degree, of the Joker. I had seen the movie many years ago and not thought much about the problem. The Joker successfully corrupts both Harvey Dent and Batman, though of course, he dies.

But the question is how we or other viewers might view the torture done by Batman. The question of torture came up a lot more after the movie about the hunt for bin Laden and whether torturing Islamist captives helped us find bin Laden or not.

The Bible in the Old Testament has a lot of very difficult passages in which the narrator tells of some deeds but does not make it clear what to think of what he has told us of. Jews who discuss the OT claim that often the narrator expects us to figure things out from other parts, but I still dislike the experience of reading events and actions that seem to be morally ambiguous, and not knowing what to think!

So, what do we think of Batman torturing the Joker in the movie? Was it right or wrong? Do we think of Batman as actually morally bad or corrupt? Is Batman actually a bad man who tortures people wrongly?

I do not know! The “Human Rights Network” says that we should know that torture is bad and does not work! They have annotated the clip of Batman torturing the Joker with their explanation as to why torture is bad and does not work!

I am watching the story of Nancy Wake, a woman who was a spy against the Nazis!

If you wish, pray for the woman in leggings walking in Sacramento!

I have a friend who has a friend or acquaintance and that person is Christian but has bady suffered after being in a house that had been treated with some chemicals and the chemicals destroyed her mucus membranes or something. Now this woman who is elderly and feeble is put in pain when around other mild chemicals and scents and it is hard for her to even be in a doctor’s office. The woman who is afflicted is named Peggy!

If you wish, pray that God heal or help her!

I think God has given me a life in which I am dumb and blind and deaf and foolish in many ways. God’s action seems to me to have been mean, but one might suppose that God has His reasons for doing various things, reasons that seem to be forever a secret!

In any case, if you wish, pray that God make me wise and able to see and hear things that would be true and useful!

The God of peace be with you all!

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