My prayer request list for 12/29/31 at church

I was at church on Sunday, 12/29 and I wrote a batch of ten prayer requests for the elders and for David the praying guy.

Here they are in mildly expanded form for clarification.

I requested prayer that

  1. God help me make money and be able to give more;
  2. God heal me or help me find healing;
  3. God bless or help the newer Muslim family members I met in whatever way is best, including for the mom who has MS;
  4. God bless and help the guy Aneesh who prays to Vishnu;
  5. God bless the girl who took several dancing leaps to the library this week;
  6. God bless the two boys who traded V-signs with me at the library;
  7. God bless the girl of the Monta Vista dance team who started one of the numbers at the dance show with her hands above her head–the dancing number was done by a group of the girls and the other girls did not place their hands above their heads at first; the girl who had raised her hands had the effect, or so it seems, whether intentional or unintentional, of lifting her “short dress outfit” for the dancing an inch or two and so she was more noticeable than her comrades; I did not write this detail down on the prayer request card for the elders; I thought she was fun and having fun, but some might have thought a negative thought towards her for her hand raisining or for me for noticing and that would be a unwise act, I believe, in this context–;
  8. God bless the girl in fishnet stockings I met at the pizza place on Berkeley High school Rally day a few months ago;
  9. God bless the girl who was walking southbound to the school in short shorts on Rally day a few months ago;
  10. God bless the girl who was nearly or seemingly topless and walking westbound to the school on Rally day a few months ago;

Of these prayer requests some are of Santa Clara county and some are of persons a little more distant, such as my new acquaintances the newer Muslim family from Fremont and there girls of Rally day at Berkeley High School, for whom I also was praying.  “Rally day” is a high school event in Berkeley, once a year in the fall.  Girls and boys dress up in school colors, though some also go way more showy with shorts, short shorts or with fishnet stockings in the school colors.  “Rally day” is or was near the end of October or beginning of November!  The exact day varies from year to year.  A person can view videos of some of Berkeley “Rally days” from previous years on youtube. 

Last week I asked God or I wondered if God was arranging me to meet or see some people because that way I would pray for them, and since that day I have met 8 Muslims and 1 Vishnu devotee. In previous weeks I had filled the elders prayer request card with pray for this girl of unknown spiritual condition and pray for these women of unknown spiritual condition . . .

It appears that God or circumstance, for this week, gave us five persons of known spiritual condition. Some of you perhaps like to pray for people who are lost or who do not know Jesus. (Some Christians maybe think that is more useful than praying for the girls of the local dance team, when you do not know their names or spiritual situations!)

The names of the Muslim family are Shahid, Success, Maria and Sami. The name of the Vishnu devotee is Aneesh. The woman of the family has a name in Arabic or Urdu which I do not remember but I was told it means success. So, I do not remember the woman’s name, but she is in need physically as well as spiritually, it seems. MS is afflicting her and her organs!

They invited me to have dinner with them and they gave me extra pizza to take home. God gets to toy with my mind since I regard Muslims as terrorist sympathizers!

The videos of Rally day on youtube seem to show the young women as being way more modest than what you see in actual practice at Berkeley, or at least, what girls were showing in 2019.

In actual practice, at least in 2019, there were dozens of girls in fishnet tights of the school colors, and there were dozens and dozens of the girls in shorts that would have been a dress code violation in every other school which has a dress code.  In fact, I think that the school admin must simply have chosen not to enforce a dress code on the “Rally day.”

Other high schools have such rally days or spirit weeks, but Berkeley seems to be an outlier in terms of the girls being very, very showy. Dozens of them were way more showy than the show of the recent dance team of Monta Vista, which is obviously a bit more controlled by school administration.

Anyway, several of the girls were fun and I remembered them and figured I would request prayer for them this week!

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