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There is a 3 in 4 chance that I will be departing for California and that I will be there for a significant number of months and be departing in the next 7 days. I tried to stop in at a common spot in downtown Seattle where a favorite SPD guy at times helps with the traffic of a parking garage, but he was not there on the day I drove past!

So I missed saying goodbye in person to him!

I am sure that I will see a number of you folks in or of Seattle again but how soon is not completely clear.

I was walking on the treadmill at the gym today and I learned that there are 2 or maybe even 3 movies on the topic of the assassination of the Nazi leader Heydrich. I saw the movie Anthropoid on this and there is another one and maybe a 3rd one.

After the assassination, the Germans killed about 5000 Czech persons in retaliation. The question is, from the point of view of the Allies, was it worth it? The is a question for just war theory I have not thought much about!

In other news . . . I was at the Northgate Best Buy for some appointment for some minor computer adjustment at the Geek Squad area.

I was in the seats of people who are waiting and being helped at the counter is a mom with 2 kids.

The kids are girls of elementary age and the choice of outfits for both would probably certainly not pass the dress code of some of the high schools, depending on if the high school area is more conservative or more liberal.

We shall assume that the mom goes to yoga class, barre class or something similar at her gym or a gym and so athletic wear for her is normal, though it is not normal for class in some schools.

So the fun things are that I do not have my camera with me and I regret that, but I think they are cute and pray that God bless them and be good to them.

We always get to wonder if and when other people know or are nudged to have some idea of what we are thinking, etc. More than a year ago, one police detective was reviewing my blog and at the same time, I had this seemingly random nudge to open up google analytics and watch someone who was browsing through a number of pages of my blog. Two to eight minutes later, I get an email from the very nice fellow whom I now know and who seems to be an excellent, calm, caring and reasonable fellow in every way, indicating that some people were concerned and it would help me and him for me to reduce their concerns to the degree possible.

Anyway, as I was noticing the young ladies, or girls, to be more accurate, one of them turns around to look back at me. She and her mom and probable sister seem to have been facing the complete opposite way, towards the Geek guy helper, but she turned on her stool. But I have no camera and I have no evil intent and pretty generally no staring. I forget if we traded smiles.

The girl turned and said something to mom and the probable sister and they all turned, but, my being generally polite and generally not engaging in staring, I was not particularly looking when they all turned, so I was even more harmless than usual!

In any case, I pray that God bless them and be good to them, just as I pray for various adults and at times for some guy who has his foot or arm in a brace or cast. Ha! I hope that they are blessed and things go well for all of them!

David is crazy, presumably . . . I have been listening to some music CD of music by Britney Spears and some by Selena Gomez. You listen and most songs I am indifferent to and for and to other songs I say, “This is great and this is fun.”

This is simple art appreciation . . . If and when I see God, if he wishes that I engage in less art appreciation, he can let me know. God does pretty good at being seemingly overly silent. I have a list of questions and God has gone to Nepture or Pluto so as to be far away when I am asking them . . .

That is ok. If and when I see God and we have more of a conversation, I will say, “Hey, back when I was on the earth, I asked you ABC and D and you said and did nothing I could recognize or understand . . . So . . . you think I listened to Spears and/or Gomez on the CD too much or you are concerned about some other something?”

In any case, we shall presume that God will have some kind of answer . . .

In other news, my cases are on appeal, but there is not a lot of news to share at this point. Supposedly in Washington state about 1/3 of the cases which are placed upon appeal are later reversed.

By the way, there is a scene in the Blackadder series about communications failures . . . We get to joke about David not hearing from God or God not speaking loudly and clearly, I think!

Oh, there is PAX this weekend, but the convention has changed things so that people who have tickets are more walled off and protected. There are or were a variety of SPD guys and a gal on Friday and presumably on the other days.

If and when one of my court cases results in a victory, then, I can wear one of my swords while visiting the sidewalks of PAX and greeting some of the officers, peacefully of course!

I think it was about a year ago that there was a crazy shooting by a deranged man at a gaming convention in Florida. Now, some of the conventions at the convention center in Seattle have super-tightened up their security, to prevent any hint of similarly deranged persons doing evil at a convention here in Seattle.

It is sad that we have had to come to that!

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