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I am currently in Oakland, but I have been in several other California cities, including Redding, Sacramento, Livermore and the infamous Berkeley of the deadly, maybe or maybe not, some of the worst of the antifa college riots!

The first thing to note is that a larger than usual proportion of the women and at times girls dress pretty in Livermore by comparison with some of these other cities.

Crime and social behavior is quite bad in Oakland. Everywhere there are signs about smash and grab theft and about similar theft if you leave an item alone in the library or coffee shop, etc.

There appears to be a bad proportion of the population of Oakland which is the opportunistic criminal element.

People being badly homeless or misbehaving is worse than in Seattle, I believe.

A bunch of the Starbucks here and there have no electrical outlet cause they believe, somewhat rightly I assume, that so many homeless or other troublemakers would be there to steal their electricity.

I am pretty sure that I heard a dozen or more pops or rounds of gunfire going off last night. It was night and nine or ten and I hear these popping sounds and they are not rhythmic. I think to myself. I think that is gunfire but I do not hear any police arriving to check on things. Should I be calling about the gunfire several blocks away? Hum, I bet that they will be happy to have me visiting!

I did not call them though.

Police came anyway in several cars with lights and sirens but it seems as if it took them a long time. Ten or fifteen minutes of shooting is a long time for a gunfight.

I do not think that the news has reported the gunfire going off and the arrival of the police 10 or 15 minutes later.

Police arrived with sirens. I wondered if no one had called them or if they are normally so slow or if my sense of time was out of whack, partly due to hearing gunfire from a few blocks away.

A person under stress, though I was not–ha, ha–often perceives a length of time as longer than it is. This is due to brain chemistry. The brain starts to lay down more memories and may do more thinking than usual. As a result, we can deceive ourselves or be deceived about the length of time of shooting or robbery or what-have-you.

I did not bother any leading Oakland police to ask why it seemed to have taken so long for them to show. Maybe it is normal. Maybe I am deceived. Maybe it was not gunfire that led more than 2 police cars to zip past with lights and sirens.

In other and better news . . . the Mercer Island police helped make someone happy here!

I had my suspicious character t-shirt on and a woman said she liked my shirt!

On Saturday I was in front of a grocery store for a reason you might guess if you have lived in California. I was there on and off for several hours.

At one point, a dad and young lady–meaning actual girl of estimated age 4!–walked past on their way to the grocery store doors.

The young lady definitely had no pants and presumably had some partly visible or barely visible shorts or panties. It might be somewhat normal for the beach but not for the grocery store in Seattle. Actually, most of the young ladies of Oakland also do in fact wear more.

I was stationary in a chair and the young lady walks past while turning her head to still be looking at me. Ha, ha, how funny. You wonder if she is differently socialized than some of the rest of us! Does this girl watch TV shows or learn from mom to look over the shoulder?

She was looking at me and so I flashed her a V-sign of greeting, peace, victory. She then waved!

One woman going into the grocery was in platform heels in glitter! I did not know if that was normal for her or if it meant that I should look up Oakland strip club on google. I think that San Fran has the and Oakland supposedly does not.

It also turned out that there must be some high school near that grocery. The kids of the school walked over at lunch time. Presumably their dress code is liberal, but not seriously abused by problematic persons.

Some of the young women were, from the point of view of some others, missing a bra, but if that is normal for you, then, they were normal.

I was at Berkeley earlier today and by chance had decided to leave the library around 12. I walked 2 to 4 blocks back into the main part of Berkeley and the crowd was mostly the high school, which the city has placed next to downtown.

Sometime in a few years perhaps I will send or put up a set of women of UC Berkeley, candid!

See you soon but unknown!

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