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There were one or more additional gals wearing only string at Madison on Thursday. Of course, the question of only string or not depends on the angle of view. Probably the gal or gals were wearing more than “only string” when viewed from the front!

On last weekend, if I remember the day correctly, there was at Madison a regular visitor guy who wears a thong or thongs that are 50% less than what I tend to wear at Greenlake and other places. I did not stop to take a photo of the guy, though I have his photo from once when he was face down and sunbathing in various of the archives. I do not actually have a photo of this guy from the front. My set is not complete!

This time, a few days ago, when I saw him he was standing and walking about. Perhaps he is a guarantee to any women in the area who wonder if they can wear a thong while sunbathing that they can do so.

Some posts on social issues, including tanning beds and cancer and feminine transitory people using bathrooms . . . see Blair White and her youtube video.

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